Sunday, 24 June 2012

Watsons (Suria KLCC) Haul

Just a quick haul post to show you what I bought from Watsons at Suria KLCC today. Pardon the grainy quality and bad lighting of the photos; it was really late at night. Full haul post and more pictures after the jump!

Back row, from L-R:
  1. Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream (RM39)
  2. 2 X Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Night Gelly (2 X RM40.50 - including RM5 discount)
  3. 2 X Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Toner (2 X RM42)

Front row, from L-R:
  1. Bloop H525 (RM8.90)
  2. Bloop [no label] (RM8.90)
  3. Bloop H198 (RM8.90)
  4. Mentos [Mojito Lime Mint] (RM1.30) - I've never heard of this flavour before! Fascinating.
  5. Nail it! with Bloop 3D Nail Art in 01 Sand Nail Polish (RM18.90)
  6. Nail it! with Bloop 3D Nail Art in 05 Sand Nail Polish (RM18.90)

Take a closer look at the Bloop polishes! I've mentioned them before in last year's Malaysia Haul Part II. An Australian company owns the brand now, but I have no idea where they are manufactured. In any case, I can't wait to try these babies on. Sneaky hint: One of these will be a prize in my upcoming giveaway to celebrate getting 50 "likes" on my Cherchez Beauté Facebook page. Do "like" it for mini updates throughout the day!

These nail art accessory wheels are adorable! I love the one on the left as it has tiny plastic/clay (?) food nail art accessories. The one on the right contains tiny gem hearts in different colours. These may go into my giveaway as well, heh.

As for my Naruko haul, it goes without saying that those products are my essentials, and I am stocking up on them before I head to Switzerland for 4 months and am unable to get them there. Today's haul wasn't that great - I only had about 2 hours to shop as we headed out late. Walked around a bit but didn't see anything that captured my fancy, apart from the things I bought from Watsons. Tomorrow I'm going shopping again, so my haul will definitely be bigger then. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend - goodnight for now!

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