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Kent Natural Shine Brushes Review and Pictures

Hair - it can make or break a pretty face. Smooth, shiny hair instantly boosts your attractiveness, while frizzy, dry, damaged hair detracts from the natural beauty of your face. My recent post on Sukin Protein Shampoo and Conditioner (which are organic and fantastic for the hair) dealt with the kinds of hair care products I use to maintain the condition of my hair on a daily basis. While shampoo and conditioner is a must for keeping hair clean and healthy, daily hair brushing is just as important in distributing natural oils on your hair for a smooth and glossy mane. My daily hair brushing routine is nothing without my trusty Kent Natural Shine Brushes, made of pure boar bristle and wood. Read on to find out how to get smooth, glossy hair with Kent Natural Shine Brushes!

First of all, let me tell you about the benefits of using bristle brushes instead of plastic brushes and/or combs.

The following is adapted from Kent Brushes on
Why Bristle?
Natural bristle is the perfect choice for looking after hair as the scaly surface of each bristle removes dust and excess products from hair. and smoothes the cuticles on the hair shaft, leaving hair looking shiny, healthy and free from frizz. 
Benefits of Bristle
Bristle maintains good hair condition in many ways. In the first instance Bristle will detangle and smooth hair. Bristle keeps hair clean. The scales along its length pick up pollutants, dust and grime. It also removes excess hair products, gel, hair spray, mousse etc...
The scalp and red blood cells there are stimulated, which naturally encourages hair growth. By brushing with bristle the natural oils (sebum) that are produced in one’s scalp are released and distributed along the hair shaft. Hair is maintained, healthy, shiny and glossy, thus preventing dull-looking hair and split-ends. 
Some brushes have additional pins made of nylon to fully penetrate the hair and massage the scalp.
Basically, pure bristle brushes are good because they clean the hair, removing excess dirt and product buildup and keep hair shiny, healthy and full of frizz. Using them also helps to stimulate hair growth and distribute the natural oils produced by the scalp along the hair shaft, without the use of serum.

Convinced by the benefits of bristle, I proceeded to buy two hair brushes from the Kent Natural Shine range. If you were wondering why there are three hair brushes in the first picture, it's because the one in the centre, which is for those with short hair, is my brother's (it's called the Kent Natural Shine Unisex Narrow Grooming Pure Bristle Brush). I kept raving about these brushes until he decided to try one for himself, and he was very happy with it.

My brushes are the two on the left and right. The one on the extreme left is the Kent Natural Shine Range Porcupine Brush (small). It is the smallest, most portable and is suited for most hair lengths. It's also the one I reach for the most because my hair is thin and my head is rather small, so a bigger brush tends to feel too clunky.

Here is the Kent Natural Shine Range Porcupine Brush (small), my hair's best friend.

The brush is made of pure boar bristle with a nylon mix and has a beech wood handle with inlayed rubber grips (all Kent Natural Shine Brushes have this).

The nylon pins help to detangle hair without scratching the scalp, as they have soft rubber tips. Best of all, it is small and portable - the perfect size for a handbag or a small messenger bag.

The packaging comes with some instructions on how to use the brush and care for it.

Brush Care (as quoted from packaging):

1. Comb out loose hair weekly
2. Wash in lukewarm soapy waer.
3. Air dry naturally, tufts facing down.
4. No artificial heat.

The next brush that I own is the Kent Natural Shine Radial Pure Bristle Brush (large).

While this brush is supposed to be ideal for shoulder length and long hair, I found it a little too big for me to handle easily. My hair reaches down my back, almost to my waist, but as it is fine and lacks volume, a large brush with long bristles feels a little clumsy on my head. Then again, this could be an investment for the times when I feel like styling my hair (especially the ends), as it is cylindrical and can easily curl ends; remember to use styling products for the best effect. The brush care is the same for this brush as the Kent Natural Shine Range Porcupine Brush.

My experiences with the brushes
They are an essential part of my daily hair care routine, especially the small Porcupine Brush, which leaves my hair smooth, shiny and healthy even after 8 hours of being out and about and sweating under the humidity of Singapore weather. I brush my hair twice a day: once before I shower to ensure that my hair is manageable when it is being shampooed, and once before I sleep, to minimise the chances of my hair getting tangled in the morning. The first time I used these brushes, my hair maintained its shine throughout the entire day without feeling oily or stringy, which is a problem I've faced because of my oily scalp. Since then, I've brushed my hair with Kent brushes and kept my hair in top condition - I consider my hair to have "levelled up" from its usual straight, sleek, glossy self to an unbelievably silky, tamed mane that does not feel oily or stringy for the entire day. Do note that you should not use bristle brushes when your hair is wet, as this would lower the effectiveness of the brushes.

Between the two brushes I own, I prefer to use the smaller Porcupine Brush on a daily basis as it is more portable, easy to use, and is just the right size for my thin hair and small head. Moreover, it's cheaper (S$26.90 at Watsons stores) compared to the large Radial Pure Bristle Brush (S$34.90 at Watsons stores). The main differences are in the size, shape and the use of nylon pins for the Porcupine Brush. Regardless, there is a brush for every hair type, and I recommend Kent hair brushes to all my readers based on my experiences and my brother's feedback (he loves the brush I recommended to him).

To find out which brushes are for you, do read the packaging of the brushes (sold at Watsons) - each brush is recommended for people with a specific hair type - and head down to the Kent website to find out more about Kent and their brushes. Foreign readers can get Kent hair brushes from Amazon by doing a quick search for "Kent hair brushes".

Let's Break It Down

Product Name: Kent Natural Shine Brushes
Product type: Hair brushes (made of pure bristle and beech wood)
Product weight: 68g (Kent Natural Shine Range Porcupine Brush - Small); 91g (Kent Natural Shine Radial Pure Bristle Brush - Large)
Price per product: S$26.90 (Kent Natural Shine Range Porcupine Brush - Small); S$34.90 (Kent Natural Shine Radial Pure Bristle Brush - Large), S$19.90 (Kent Natural Shine Unisex Narrow Grooming Pure Bristle Brush)
Comments: Top quality bristle brushes that clean, condition and maintain healthy, frizz-free hair. The natrual oils in the scalp are distributed by the action of brushing the hair, and you get a relaxing head massage too. Only use bristle brushes when your hair is dry.
Where to buy: Watsons
To buy or not to buy: Definitely a necessity in my book. The prices may be steep in comparison to the less expensive plastic combs and brushes you may be using, but these brushes are of top quality and will last you a long time, thus giving you value for money. Best hair brushes I've ever used, so I can unreservedly recommend them.

Product approved 5/5.

Disclaimer: I was not paid, sponsored nor influenced by external sources when reviewing this product. My opinions as expressed in the review are solely my own.

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