Saturday, 13 October 2012

Exchange in Switzerland Part 4

Time for the least serious part of my exchange posts thus far! ;)

How to be a Domestic Goddess (wannabe)

In Switzerland, I started learning how to cook and make my own meals every day. My most successful dishes to date: ABC Soup (first picture) and beef stew (second last picture). Those are my tried and tested favourites of all the recipes I've tried so far. I let my apartment mates try those two dishes, and they loved them too. Means a lot to an amateur like me! Look out for my future travel series posts - maybe one of them will be about food, where I'll teach you how to whip up some dishes like these; they're pretty easy!

Exchange in Switzerland Part 3


As I promised in Part II, here are pictures of CERN. CERN is the world famous nuclear research facility that houses the fastest particle accelerator, called the Large Hadron Collider. I was so chuffed when my PhD student ex-flatmate (he moved out, yeah) invited me to a tour by his church member, a nuclear scientist, who worked in CERN. It was actually part of a church activity, and the nuclear scientist gave a lecture (in Chinese) about the relation between particle physics and God. That was quite interesting.

After our little tour through an exhibition and the lecture that was given by the scientist, we headed to the dome at CERN, which held another exhibition.

Exchange in Switzerland Part 2

Continuing from where I left off in Part I of my exchange experiences (an ongoing series until January 2013, when I return to Singapore), more pictures and descriptions of my travels!

Apart from the beautiful sights I saw in Lausanne from the previous post, I also visited the part of Lake Geneva that is located near to where I live. It's such a beautiful and peaceful place.

Vevey was another lovely town in Switzerland that I visited. It's small, quaint, and has the absolutely loveliest sunset I've seen in a long while.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Exchange in Switzerland Part 1

Hello dear readers! Many of you have been asking why this blog hasn't been updated in the longest while and have told me that you've missed my presence in the blogsphere. That made me go "aww" quite a bit :) So I sincerely apologise for being absent for about a month or so without much explanation. Those who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@cherchezbeaute) would probably be aware of the fact that I'm currently in Switzerland on a student exchange that will last for about 4 months. Here's Part I of a lengthy and picture-heavy travelogue with pictures (all taken with Xanthe) of what happened from then 'til now...