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Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer Review and Pictures

[EDITED 25/4/2013]

Just received this piece of information:

It's recommended that this product be used at the serum-step (Cleanser -> Toner -> Serum -> Moisturiser -> Sunscreen) of your skincare routine. Please use moisturiser after that! I've edited the parts of the post below with this error.


In my previous Naruko post on My Skincare Routine Part III: Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Toner Review and Pictures, I mentioned this amazing Naruko product that is the only thing I need (apart from eye cream) after toner when I'm in a bit of a hurry. This little product packs a multi-tasking punch, with its oil control and moisturising properties that leave the skin feeling smooth, supple and oil free - all day long! I've tested the product over the span of a week; do read on to find out more.

What is the Naruko ampm all about?

First, a little about the Naruko ampm range. It's a different range from the products I've mentioned in my past Naruko product reviews. The Naruko ampm range is specially formulated for working people (and busy college students) who do not have much time to indulge in skincare routines that last more than 10 minutes (sounds like most Singaporeans I know, haha). Many people may decide to sacrifice skincare as it can be time-consuming and does not fit into their busy schedules, but Naruko ampm eliminates the need to prioritise one over the other via its multi-tasking formulations! With Naruko ampm, you'll never have to worry about being late to work/school or not being able to take good care of your skin.

Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer

Thanks to the kind folks at Naruko Singapore, I was able to test and review one of the products in the range - the Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer. According to the packaging, it regulates sebum production and prevents pores from becoming clogged while restoring a healthy level of hydration to stabilise oily/combination complexions. Sounds perfect for me, as I have combination skin (oily T-zone and forehead, rest of face is normal) and my skin is sensitive and prone to irritation.


Packaging is simple and fuss-free. The tube comes in a cylinder, so no self-assembled stationery is possible here! The tube is hygienic and easy to use - just squeeze out the product as you would from a tube of toothpaste. And did I mention how much I love the cheery lime green, red and white combination of colours? It cheers me up just looking at this cute little tube in the morning.


The Naruko SG website states that the ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer contains:
  • Pumpkin enzymes and yeast extract: To improve skin's metabolism which helps keep the skin's moisture and oil balance normal to prevent oil secretion
  • Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5: Instantly provides moisture for the skin, repairs cutin and locks in moisture. (Hyaluronic acid is an extremely moisturising ingredient that is appearing in more and more new beauty products)
  • Pomegranate extract, rouge wood and Vitamin C microcapsules: Helps in improving the skin's resilience, dullness, fine lines and has an anti-aging effect. It also nourishes the skin after it clears away excess oil.

How to use it

With this product, you only need 5 steps in your daily routine, which can be done in under 10 minutes!

1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser. Those with oily/combination skin should check out my post on the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser for tips on how to minimise oil production and maximise the effectiveness of the cleanser.

2. Apply toner. Do check out my post on the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Toner to find out how to make sure you cleanse your face of all dirt and oil, including the residual grime that sticks to your face even after cleansing with facial wash.

3. Apply eye care products. I use the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream.

4. Squeeze out a small amount of Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer. You should use just enough to cover your face and neck in a thin layer of product. The amount I use (pictured below) is the size of half a 5 cent coin.

4. Apply moisturiser.

5. Apply sunscreen. This is a very important step as sun damage can affect the ability of your skin to repair itself, leading to pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

My Experiences with the Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer

I really like the Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer. It has fantastic oil-control and moisturising properties, and I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth my skin felt immediately upon application.

Even after 6 hours, my skin still remained relatively oil free and felt supple to the touch. "All Day No Shine" is not an exaggeration of what this product can do - to think that it took less than a minute to apply! The only downside is that it is a little pricey, retailing at S$31.90 for 30ml on the Naruko SG website in contrast to the lower prices of other products that I use in my routine (see My Recommendations below) The good news is that it is currently on sale at S$25.90 because of the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) 2012, so you can take the opportunity to test out this great little product with S$6 worth of savings!

My Recommendations

I would recommend this product to everyone with oily/combination skin, as an alternative to the last 2 steps as the serum-step of my daytime routine as previously mentioned:

1. Cleanse face with Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser/Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Cream Wash
3. Apply Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream
4. [Apply Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer]
4. Apply Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Moisturiser
5. Apply Naruko Tea Tree Oil-Cut Hydrator

I found myself reaching for the Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer when I was in a rush, as it took less time to apply than the moisturiser and hydrator. If you're a working adult/student with absolutely no time on your hands and some money to spare, you should invest in this product as a multi-tasker in your skin routine. You can even use it at night, after removing your make up, cleansing and then toning your face. When you come back from work/school and all you feel like doing is sleeping, it would be a great help if your skincare routine is as streamlined as possible yet still helps you to maintain good skin.

Follow the link to read more about the Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer at

Where do I purchase it and how much does it cost?

This product has just been launched as part of the Naruko line carried in Watsons, so you can hop down to your nearest Watsons store to check it out. You can also get it from the Naruko SG website, where the full range of Naruko products are sold (international shipping is not available). It costs S$31.90 for a 30ml tube. If you prefer, you can also opt to purchase it as part of the Anti acne Pore Minimising Package (S$92.50, down from S$102.70), which includes the Tea Tree Target Treatment, ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer and ampm A30 Pore Minimising Complex.

Click the link to check out the entire Naruko ampm range!

Let's Break It Down

Product Name: Naruko ampm All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer
Product type: Multi-tasking moisturiser Serum
Amount of product: 30ml
Price per product: S$31.90
Comments:  Best for busy working people/students who have oily/combination skin and not much time to indulge in skincare routines.
Where to buy: Watsons and Naruko SG
To buy or not to buy: If you don't mind the slightly higher price and want a serious multi-tasking product that moisturises and has excellent oil-control properties, this product is for you. Great for keeping skin routines quick and fuss-free.

Product approved 4.5/5.

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. My opinions are completely honest and 100% my own. No compensation was received for this review.

Upcoming review: Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50 - a great, light BB Sunscreen that with light-medium coverage and an excellent sun protection factor! Yet another multi-tasker that I'm growing to like.

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