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Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream and Classic Whitening Night Eye Gelly Review and Pictures

Hi lovelies, firstly, thanks for all the encouragement and praise - I'm really just soaking in all the positive energy and channeling it back to you wonderful readers in the form of more posts. I would really be posting less if not for your constant reminders that you enjoy reading what I write about!

Some news: the nail hauls/swatches/art can wait because I'm quite busy at the moment so bear with me while I free up my time a little before showing off/presenting to you some vignettes of my ongoing nail polish/art obsession.

On to the main point of my post! I've been getting comments, questions and emails about Danielle Laroche Purifying Gel which I recommended a while ago. Just an update in my quest for the perfect facial wash - I've just found a really great and affordable facial care line and am really excited to share it with all of you! I split this post into 3 parts because I realised how long it would be once I started writing about the eye cream. I have lots of useful comments and tips, so read on after the jump!

About Naruko
Naruko is a Taiwanese brand launched by Niu Er, Taiwan's famous "Beauty King". Niu Er produces skin care products based on his extensive research into the use of essential oils and other cosmetic ingredients, and since the release of his most famous product, Night Gelly, in 2005, he has become very famous in Asia. To read more about Niu Er and his qualifications and achivements, head down to the Naruko SG website. I was quite impressed after reading about Niu Er and decided to try some of his products after purchasing his Night Gelly and finding it effective.

My experiences with Naruko products
I was first introduced to this brand while browsing through the CozyCot Holy Grail Award winners/nominees list, and one of those that caught my eye was the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream. I have very dark, genetic undereye circles that are also puffy. People often comment on how I look like I've not had enough sleep, look sickly/sleepy etc. so I'm constantly looking out for effective and affordable eye treatments. Previously, I tried the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On and 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream and even bought the Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold eye product. While they didn't give me milia, they weren't very effective either.

Until I met the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream and the Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Whitening Night Eye Gelly.

Currently, these two are my most trusted lieutenants in my struggle against the bane of my physical appearance - my dark, puffy undereye area.

Most eye treatments take a while to work; you have to use them consistently for at least a few days or a week to see improvements. Surprisingly, when I used the Brightening Eye Cream in combination with the Night Eye Gelly, I found my undereye area looking slightly brighter and less puffy! I was really bowled over by how quick and effective this combination of eye products was, and how good it made my eyes look and feel.

To use these products effectively, you have to follow the instructions available in the box that the products come in. Instructions for using the Brightening Eye Cream and Night Eye Gelly are also available online Naruko SG, the local e-tailer for Naruko products.

Daytime Eye Care routine
1. Squeeze out a small amount (about 5mm for me as I have a small face and consequently, a small undereye area. Okay that somehow sounded strange.) of Naruko Lavender and Marjoram Brightening Eye Cream and rub between your fingertips.

2. Gently tap the cream onto the undereye area with your fingers (I use my fourth/ring finger because apparently that's the finger that applies the least pressure, which is a good thing for applying eye treatments to the delicate undereye area).

3. Starting from below the eyes, use the fingertips to massage the skin and slowly move upward around the eye area. Use your fingertips to gently press the sides of your nose to increase the metabolism of the skin around the eye area.

Note: The massaging should be done gently, in an outwards direction. Massage helps to drain the fluids that tend to collect under the eye, helping to reduce puffiness.

Nighttime Eye Care routine
1. Do Steps 1 to 3 from the Daytime Eye Care routine.
2. Take a small amount (about a 1cm sized dollop for me) of the Naruko Night Eye Gelly
3. Gently tap the gelly onto the undereye area with your fingers (use the fourth/ring finger).

For better absorption, tap 200-300 times - this advice is given by Naruko. Yes I know it sounds insane. Bet you're thinking "I don't have the time or the patience to count to 200!". I've been there. Trust me, after a week of doing this, it becomes an automatic part of the routine. No harm ensuring the fluids get drained out properly so that there's less puffiness in the morning, right?

4. Spread and tap any excess gelly onto the lid area and massage into the browbone.

Note: Do NOT use too much gelly. That is counterproductive and leads to puffier eyes in the morning. I've experienced it so I can safely advise you not to apply more than you need to cover the area.

With all these steps and tips, you should be ready to start treating your undereye area better! Wait - you say it's too much trouble? Prefer to use make up? No time or patience? Ladies, I understand where you're coming from. I used to be a bigger fan of concealer than eye treatment, starting from when I was 14 and first discovered I could make those undereye circles and bags magically disappear with a little make up magic. However, now that I'm older and in my early 20s, I realise the importance of eye care when looking at people of my age who look much older due to a lack of attention to their skin care, especially the eye area. Dark undereye circles and eye bags do add years to an otherwise youthful looking face, and I'm all for everything and anything could promise to maintain my youthful appearance. Don't wait until it's too late to start on even basic skincare and especially eye care routines! Starting in your early 20s will ensure that you look healthy and youthful even until you're in your 30s or 40s, and I'm sure many if not all ladies want that.

If by now you're as convinced as me on the merits of eye care, and want to purchase an affordable line of eye treatment, aka Naruko eye products, two of which I've reviewed in this post, do check out the Naruko Skincare Regime section of the site for a variety of Naruko eye treatments and other treatments based on your needs. The two I've reviewed are suitable for everyone, but there are treatments specifically for ageing skin, or dull undereye areas etc. I can't comment on how effective they are as these two are the only ones I've tried.

If you want to get the two eye treatments I've mentioned (Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream and Naruko Marjoram and Lavender Classic Whitening Night Eye Gelly),  head down to Watson's. The Eye Cream costs S$19.90 and the Eye Gelly costs S$23.90. As for the other lines of Naruko eye treatments that are not available currently in Watson's you can purchase them on the Naruko SG website over here. Delivery is S$5 for purchases below S$69 but free for purchases above S$69. In late October, I ordered some products from the Tea Tree Oil Out series that are unavailable from Watson's and have also been religiously using them and I can testify that my skin texture, tone and general health has increased tenfold.

I'll be sharing my experiences and thoughts on the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out series and the amazing things it has done for me soon, so stay tuned!

P.S. For people who love crafts, Naruko boxes can be changed into cool stationery items without using glue! You just need a sharp cutting tool (I used an art knife) and the ability to follow the instructions which are included heh.

From box to pretty name card holder!
From box to paper clip/miscellaneous items holder! 

Disclaimer: I was not paid, sponsored nor influenced by external sources when reviewing this product. My opinions as expressed in the review are 100% my own.

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