Monday, 4 June 2012

Caribbean Oomph Giveaway and Cherchez Beauté on Facebook

Hi everyone! Monday morning blues have probably started kicking in for those who're working right now. Fear not, I'm here to snap you out of your boredom with a short post.

First things first, Cherchez Beauté has just gone live on facebook yesterday!

Some of you have already "liked" my facebook page, and some have probably noticed the facebook plugin that is currently appearing on my website. If you haven't already "liked" it, please do it to support my efforts :) It's not easy work to maintain this website and craft detailed posts for my readers, and any amount of support, no matter how little, is always appreciated. It's very easy to give me your support - see that facebook plugin right at the top of my left sidebar? Just click the "like" button and join 30+ other readers in support of Cherchez Beauté! I'll be posting links to my most recent posts, questions, pictures and mini-updates on facebook (no long, detailed posts there) with sales/other things I spot when I'm out and about, so do "like" it to be updated on the go. A big thank you to those of you who have already liked my page and joined me on GFC. Your support is very much appreciated!

Next up, there's a Caribbean Oomph giveaway going on at CozyCot right now! It's really quite simple to enter:

Step 2: Pick your favorite accessory (necklace, ring, etc)

Step 3: Tell Cozycot on the thread why you choose that accessory and how it jazzes up your look of the day

The best entry will stand to win selected pieces from Caribbean Oomph!

Total prizes worth S$400 to be given away!

Prize Categories: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 10 consolations

Join Now!

Contest closes: 26 June 2012

So far there aren't many replies on the thread, so I'm assuming that either everyone is waiting 'til the last minute to submit their responses, or few people have noticed/are bothered to participate in this giveaway. All the better for us then! Caribbean Oomph sells a variety of marine-based jewellery and accessories made out of seashells and the like. These are very versatile pieces, and it can't hurt to join - you may end up winning one of the 10 prizes! Hope that perked you up a little :)

I'll be updating soon about my highly interesting experience at a Singapore Arts Festival 2012 show (Songbird) and a nice place for all-day breakfast/brunch; so watch this space!

EDIT: The contest deadline has been extended until 26 June; do join and take a shot at winning!

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