Sunday, 17 June 2012

Goldfish scales manicure

As promised in my previous review post about Megan Miller Coral Bliss, here's the goldfish manicure I did, inspired by the lovely coral-red that reminded me of a goldfish' scales. Fish scale type of manicures have been around for a while, and most people use cool colours such as blue, purple and green to create that marine effect, but here's my take on a warm-toned goldfish scales manicure, which reminds me of the typical red-orange goldfish in a bowl. Read on for more pictures!

After painting on Megan Miller Coral Bliss, I hand painted the scales on with Elianto 16 Natural Beige, a sheer shimmery pearlised pink, and a nail art brush. This is my first time hand painting scales, so it ended up a little messy. Next, I added a gold glitter/flakie gradient with Golden Rose 208, a lovely glitter/flakie polish that looks like liquid gold flakes suspended in a shimmery gold base. Lastly, I dabbed on The Face Shop GL 112, a polish with gold hex glitter suspended in a clear base, onto the tips for a truly golden effect.

And here's Jeffrey, my goldfish stuffed toy. I've had him for a really long time but I can't remember how. It sounds silly but he's seen me through some tough times, and he's the closest I can get to a pet at home. The mani I did is reminscent of the red-orange type of goldfish, but Jeffrey is black (and there are black goldfish around!).

Jeffrey says hi and poses with my mani!

Polishes I used, from L-R: Megan Miller Coral Bliss, Elianto 16 Natural Beige, Golden Rose 208, The Face Shop GL 122

What do you think of my goldfish scales manicure? Any tips on how to paint on the scales more neatly?

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