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Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Swatches and Review

These Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tints became a fast favourite of mine when I first got them in Malaysia last June. It's easy to fall in love with the vibrant selection of colours and the ease of use, not to mention the fact that they're a 2-in-1 value for money kind of product - on one end there's a lip tint, and on the other, a lip balm.

I first bought 700 Nothing But Nude to test on my lips and was so pleased with it that I went back and bought 3 other shades! There are 6 available shades in total, but only bought 300 Perpetual Plum, 500 Unstoppable Red, 600 Carry On Cherry and 700 Nothing But Nude because I thought they suited me best.

Here they are swatched on my arm:

From L-R: Nothing But Nude, Perpetual Plum, Carry On Cherry, Unstoppable Red

Before I show you these 4 shades swatched on my lips, here are my bare lips for reference:

Apart from just swatching the lip tints (in natural light), I also decided to show you how they looked like topped with a lip gloss. I used L.A. Colors Moisturising Lipgloss, which is apparently a cheap and decent dupe of MAC's clear Lipglass.

Right, on to the swatches! First up is Nothing But Nude, the very first shade I got.

As you can see, it's not very different from my original lip colour (which is already fairly pigmented). It gives the lips a nice pink glow. I wouldn't really call it nude, as it's way pinker than the typical brownish nudes, but still a good colour that's subtle enough.

All the Rimmel lip tints have a nice satiny finish to them, which is already very nice on its own. When topped with a clear lipgloss, the colour pops more - it's more obvious when we get to the other shades!

Perpetual Plum is a very pretty shade of pink that leans towards the purple/blue end of the red spectrum. If I had to pick my favourite out of all 4, I'd pick this because it's so unique.

I blended it with a bit of Carry On Cherry and wore the shade out for dinner recently (see below) and got many compliments! It's a very playful and sophisticated pink, so wear it for a pop of colour and keep the rest of the make up more neutral to play up the shade!

Carry On Cherry is a wearable pink that's the cousin of Perpetual Plum, but more on the red/orange side of the colour spectrum. I love how versatile it is (I mixed it with Perpetual Plum for a beautiful custom shade as mentioned) and it's definitely suitable for work.

The last shade is also a firm favourite of mine. A beautiful classic red with a slight tinge of blue to it to make your teeth look whiter. I absolutely love it both matte and glossy, and I find myself reaching for this shade the most! It's really gorgeous, and truly an unstoppable red - I love wearing it with black for a very intense effect. Here's a shot of me wearing it to a concert with my favourite black River Island cut-out top:

The Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tints come in marker form for ease of application (just draw it on like you're colouring a children's colouring book!) and once applied, dries very quickly and stays on for at least 4-5 hours with some light snacking/drinking. When I wore Perpetual Plum out for dinner, it stayed on throughout my whole meal and my friends were pretty impressed!

Each of these lip tints also comes with a lip balm on the other side, a feature I find extremely useful.

I like to condition my lips with lip balm before wearing a lip tint to prevent chapping and dry skin from making an unsightly appearance. It's also good for moisturising your lips on the go, even after you've applied the tint.

The Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tints are a bit dry as they have a satiny matte texture, so it's great that lip balm is included as well. The lip balm provided isn't the most moisturising one, so you could use your own lip balm if preferred. My all-time favourite is the Mentholatum Lip Pure Fragrance Free Lip Balm! Oh and just a side note: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint has a kind of scent. It smells like berries to me but it's not unpleasant, just rather strong, and it fades away quite quickly.

I don't think you can get it in Singapore (sorry friends!), but if you go to Malaysia, perhaps you might want to check out the Rimmel counter in Watsons. You can probably also get them in the UK and wherever else stocks a large variety of Rimmel products. For local readers, I've heard that the Catrice lip tints are pretty swell too, so maybe you'd want to give those a shot.

Let's Break It Down

Product name: Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint
Product type: Lip tint
Price per product: About RM 26.91 (on sale); it's about S$10.76
Comments: Long lasting lip tint with matte/satin finish, 6 shades, versatile, 2-in-1 (lip balm included), easy application, inexpensive
Where to buy: Watsons (in Malaysia) and other outlets that stock Rimmel products
To buy or not to buy: It's a yes for me - if you see it, just get it! You won't regret it.

Product Approved 5/5

Disclaimer: I was not paid, sponsored nor influenced by external sources when reviewing this product. My opinions as expressed in the review are solely my own.

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