Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Week on Instagram: 10 - 16 June 2013

10 June 2013

I mentioned in my previous Week On IG post that I went to Legoland, so here are some more pictures of Legoland!

These musical instruments are really pretty and I love how they're placed in a fountain. The fountain really features music too - when we walked past, music from the different instruments (e.g. violin, harp, drums etc) were being played. It was really cute!

I couldn't resist doing a Tiny Planets app transformation of the photo below. I love the Legoland mini towns! The structures made from Lego look really impressive and I'm in awe of how the builders managed to create buildings and streets with such detail and intricacy.

Last photo of the day from Legoland - here's a group shot of us being cheeky in front of a green screen at the Legoland cinema place!

I'm really easy to spot because I'm the only one in glasses, heh. FYI, I don't usually wear contacts out unless it's for certain events! I prefer glasses as they're more comfortable - contacts tend to be a little drying for me.

12 June 2013

Last Legoland picture of the Singapore Flyer! It's beautiful isn't it? It was moving slowly round as we walked past, gawking at the sight. And to think that it's all made of Lego - amazing!

Decided to do a little collage of my recent Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Review post. It's my HG lip tint - you gotta check my post out for the deets!

Something real cute here for stationery and high heels lovers! I just love this Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser. C'mon, how genius is that? It cost about $12 in DuYi bookstore at Westmall, though I'm pretty sure it's available elsewhere too.

Here's yet another piece of cute stationery I found in DuYi bookstore. These cute Lego sharpeners really remind me of Legoland, haha. They can even stack like real Lego bricks! The colours aren't right though, heh.
And these cups, costing $4.90 each at DuYi, were terribly tempting. I held off buying one because I was already spending a bit on my stationery haul at DuYi (the next few pictures will tell all), but my friend saw it and asked me to get her one as a gift for someone! I think I'm going to end up buying some for myself the next time...

This is part I of my stationery haul at DuYi. I did NOT expect them to stock such beautiful schedule and notebooks for such ridiculous prices. When I say ridiculous, I really mean it. The Ancien-D red/brown schedulebook on the left costs all of $6 and has such gorgeous prints on the inside (a few different ones for each section) that I couldn't believe it. I had to snap it up on the quick.

The pastel blue one is truly a "precieux" find. It's kinda hard to see, but the lines around the white box on the outside are embossed in gold, and the little white polkadots on the pale blue cover lend a vintage air to it. Guess how much it is? Nah, you'd get the price wrong because it cost all of $4!! YES. Insane prices! The inside is white with pink lace borders - not gorgeous like the other notebook, but still really lovely.

And here's part II of my haul! The adorable washi tape with the party flag pattern cost only $2.80 - pretty reasonable for a paper tape. What really caught my eye was the beautifully bound and understated brown notebook with a glossy maple leaf imprinted on the cover. The inside has alternating sections of brown and white paper - just gorgeous. I love the simplicity of the design and the brown pages on the inside. This was the most expensive notebook - it cost $7.30. I couldn't resist the beautiful combination of brown on brown, though.

The green one has beautifully embossed patterns of flower wreaths and a little impish character leaping over the quote "Wish you may and wish you might". That rhyme is really reminiscent of the childhood rhyme "Wish you may and wish you might have the first wish you wish tonight" - such nostalgia. This is a very unique and lovely notebook, mostly due to the design, colour combination and embossing details. It cost on $4.20 - bet you're shocked! I'm used to notebooks like this costing at least $8 and more, so this was an amazing find. I can definitely see myself going back to DuYi like the stationery hoarder I am and buying the whole stationery section up. Yes, definitely.

14 June 2013

Had an awesome time with friends out today watching Man of Steel. We had tea at Gloria Jean's after, and I had this nice lemon meringue tart for $5.50 there. I have a confession to make. I didn't know that lemon meringue tarts had creamy tops. I thought the meringue would be hard, like the ones they sell in supermarkets. Oops. Anyway, it tasted great and I love the way they did the swirls. Great day.

That's all for this week - many pictures spread over only 3 days, I noticed. By the way, my List of Interestingness *may* not be up tomorrow. I'm going to Sentosa for a couple of days with my family too, so this space may be a bit lonely 'til then. Keep checking back and I promise I'll be back soon!

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