Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Poolga: Curating art for iPhone and iPad

I've been meaning to post about Poolga for a while, and I'd forgotten until I went there again by accident and was plain blown away by the gorgeous artwork available for iPhone and iPad. Available. For free. For you to download.

In all my years of using an iPhone (about two, actually), I've never seen such beautifully rendered wallpapers. These are designed by artists who're listed on the Poolga website, and every wallpaper is credited to the artist who created it. What's in it for them? Exposure. Their small-scale illustration works for iPhone and iPad get mass exposure to the public, and they get credit and potential opportunities for hire. For artists, Poolga works on an invitation-only basis - that's why I say they curate art for iPhone and iPad, ensuring the quality of the art that is featured.

Looking through the pages and pages of art, I'm very impressed by the creativity and quality of the work featured. The best thing is that the site itself and the wallpapers it provides aren't hampered by distasteful ads or gauche designs. Everything is tastefully presented and easily available for download, no strings attached.

I don't think there's much more I can say to convince you to give Poolga a visit. You'll be endlessly scrolling for the perfect wallpaper in no time. If you're more interested in photography, check out their sister site Tseventy. Tseventy curates photography, and between the two, you'd definitely find something you like. You don't even have to visit the sites for a wallpaper; you can also visit for design inspiration and a little something to delight the eye.

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