Thursday, 23 May 2013

List of Interestingness: Your weekly dose of interestingness

I recently came up with a new thing for this space. I'm constantly getting wind of interesting things, but never really came up with a way to share them with you in little doses - until now, that is. I'll be publishing a List of Interestingness every Monday morning from now on, with special consideration to everyone who's forced to wake up early in the morning and drag themselves to school/work. Never fear, my List of Interestingness shall save you from the monotony of life!

As the title suggests, a List of Interestingness (LOI for short) is a list of things that I found interesting throughout the week. It's going to be about things that inspire me to think/feel/do, but that didn't make the cut for a long enough review on the blog. It's going to be based on some of the different post categories in my blog: Musings, How To, Fashion, Food, Humour, Travels, Art, Music, Photography etc. Each list will be a collection of interestingness to get you through the week, and I hope you enjoy it! For easier categorisation, I'm going to group LOIs into volumes; each volume will contain 10 lists. Grouping the lists into volumes is completely arbitrary anyway, so you needn't wonder too much about that.

Even if you ignored everything I said above, it's really quite simple. Just drop by every Monday morning at about 10am (GMT +8, sorry to everyone else!) and get your weekly dose of interestingness.

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