Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Week on Instagram: 20 - 26 May 2013

20 May 2013 

Posted these two swatches of Jindie Nails Swoon from my review! I just googled "Jindie Nails Swoon swatch" and guess what came up first on Google? My post! So happy about that :') I'm also really glad and honoured that Jen, owner of Jindie Nails, left such a lovely comment on my Jindie Nails Swoon post. This also means you should check it out if you haven't already ;)

To cap an eventful day, this huge package was waiting for me when I got home.

Don't be deceived by the packaging - it's about a metre long! What a huge gift box. I wanted to know what was inside so badly but had to restrain myself and remember to take a picture first, haha!

And it turns out that it was...


It's supposed to be a portrait of me. I say "supposed" because I don't think it really resembles me much, but I appreciate the thought and effort spent drawing it. If any of you have heard of/know about the recent Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign, you'd know what this is about. Basically, the campaign envisioned a world of "beauty without anxiety", and aimed to encourage women to see that they're their own worst critics. To do this, Dove hired Gil Zamora, a forensic sketch artist, to draw two portraits of the selected women. One would be based on their descriptions of themselves and one would be based on the descriptions of strangers who had interacted with the women. Zamora drew the portraits without looking at the women.

Dove received quite a lot of backlash from the campaign as many women protested against the method of the campaign as they felt that Dove had chosen conventionally good looking women (based on race, age, facial features etc) in the first place. I have a lot of thoughts on the matter (I'll do a separate post about it), but I'd say that I do think the Dove campaign is sending a positive message on the whole. Oh and because I had commented on the campaign on their page, they contacted me and sent me this portrait, drawn by Gil Zamora, as a keepsake. It was based on my Twitter dispay pic, I think. Thanks Dove! It's a thoughtful gift and I do appreciate it.

23 May 2013

Met the polish angels today for a nice dinner and chat at TCC. This was my outfit - cream turtleneck/halter top with violet floral prints and my trusty Uniqlo jeans. You can't see the back of my top, but it's a plunging bareback top so I wore a dark purple tube top inside. I spent the longest time trying to find a colour of tube top that would match this blouse! FYI, the top's from Charlotte Russe in the US. Love the clothes they stock; it's a pity they don't have an outlet in Singapore.

I did my FOTD to match the top. Lined my eyes with Revlon Colorstay Eye Crayon in Noir, as usual. Did a bit of cut-crease contouring but I don't think you can see it in these shots. I used a Rimmel lip tint on my lips, and it lasted throughout the whole night! Some of my friends commented that they liked the colour and staying power, so I shall do a review and swatch the Rimmel lip tints soon!

After dinner, we had this for dessert:

It's called "schneeballen", and is a type of German pastry topped with some icing. It's meant to be broken with a mallet and eaten. Looked and tasted awesome! Thanks to Lauretta (of A Lacquered Affair, which you should totally check out) for such a sweet dessert - you truly are a polish angel!

25 May 2013

Had a fun day today at the Holiday Creativity with Canon workshop at Sheraton Towers - thanks Omy for the invite! Here are some shots of what we did:

We each printed out three photos using the Canon PIXMA printers - look at the amazing photo quality! These photos are from my Europe travels - I've only blogged about my exchange in Switzerland, but will blog about all the other countries soon.

We then made a cute passport holder with patterned paper, cute little stickers, some string, glue, tape etc. The patterned paper can be printed out on the Canon website - more about this in an upcoming post series on the Canon PIXMA printer - and the stickers can be bought from scrapbooking stores. I drew on the clouds :) If any of you are interested in finding out how to make these crafts, I'll do a tutorial on in my upcoming posts!

Here's another shot of the passport holder and luggage tag I made at the workshop:
This passport holder is actually holding my photos, haha!

So glad to have met Mag (of Modgam) again at the event! I love her quirky style, and she's so friendly and funny. We had a great time chatting and making the crafts together at the workshop. Hope to see you again soon, Mag!

Here's a shot of me and the Canon PIXMA MP3170 after the event ended. Thanks to, I get to participate in a month long campaign that allows me to showcase to the different crafts I can make with this Canon PIXMA printer! I love that it's wine-coloured - how often do you see a non-black/white/grey printer?

Oh and my outfit was a $20 cream lace and chiffon high low dress from Far East Plaza and my $20 heels from this random shop. The bag's a Longchamp Poney Toile (gotta love the textured look) that's also a gift. I saw the dress on sale (no trying on but I estimated the size) and immediately grabbed it as I'm a sucker for dresses that are cream-coloured with lace/chiffon. I call these fairy dresses because they're so pretty! If you're marvelling at the fact that my outfit cost less than $50 (not including the bag), just know that I'm a total master at cheap and chic finds.

And here's my simple FOTD, done Korean style. I decided to switch my foundation to my MM compact instead of using my usual Bourjois Flower Perfection liquid foundation, and it really helped with the T-zone shine! It also stayed on for the whole day, and I'm now wondering why I don't use it more often - will probably do a review on it soon. As for my eye make up, I drew the eyeliner a bit thicker today, and did my brows in the Korean style - thick and light. I only used my Mentholatum Lip Pure Honey Lemon Lip Gel for the lips and it gave a subtle but visible glossy effect. Check out my earrings too - I can't remember where I got them from, but I really like the bird cage design in pink, adorned with a light blue ribbon on top!

That's all I have for you from IG this week - do check out my List of Interestingness tomorrow morning for your weekly dose of Interestingness!

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