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Glomax Aesthetics Skin Treatment Review and Pictures

Last month, I was invited by Glomax Aesthetics to try out one of their skin treatments at their outlet in Soho2 and review it if I chose to. I'd heard of Glomax Aesthetics previously, and was aware that they were reliable and did produce good results, so I decided to accept the opportunity.

To get to the Glomax Aesthetics, you'll have to head to the Clarke Quay area. Glomax Aesthetics is housed in Soho2, a sleek commercial office space that's located next to Swissotel Merchant Court.

I digress, but I've swum in the pool there before and really like the building design! Okay anyway, I took the lift up to the 6th floor, and found myself in a long corridor of doors.

Keep walking down to unit 168 and you'll be greeted with the Glomax Aesthetics plaque outside their door.

When I went in, I was greeted by Evon, the director of Glomax Aesthetics. She gave me a skin consultation and explained to me that my skin was dry/combination (surprise! horror! I thought it was oily/combination before that - who knew?) and was in a pretty good condition. That was when I realised that using products for oily skin (to remove the oil) was making my skin produce even more oil, which ironically caused me to think that I had oily skin. Thank goodness I discovered the truth!

The facial treatment I was about to go through would be to get rid of some clogged pores, pimples and blackheads/whiteheads and also to brighten the skin so it looks more radiant. I was so glad to hear that my skin was not in need of much rescuing! I'd always thought it wasn't that great, but after hearing what Evon had to say, I felt much more relieved.

I was led to the treatment room, which looked very inviting, with a gold and white floral wallpaper and a bed lined with silky sheets.

I've been to other spas before, and I swear I've never been in such an inviting and comfortable room and bed. I also like the fact that they have a large wooden cupboard (near the head of the bed) for you to place your belongings/clothes. You can lock the cupboard too if you're more concerned with safety precautions. It's nice knowing that your things are safe when you have gloopy stuff all over your face and your eyes are covered with cucumbers, haha.

Here's how I looked after changing into the robe they provided! I realise it looks like a navy coloured maxi dress, heh. It was pretty comfortable anyway.

I don't have any pictures of the actual process, because honestly, most of them would be showing how they put stuff on my face. The process went something like this: first, they cleansed my face. Then, they used microdermabrasion to remove most of the dirt and old skin cells. My therapist did it on one side of my face first and showed me the difference compared to the other side. It really did make a difference, and one side was smoother than the other after going through microdermabrasion.

That is a picture of the insane amount of dirt removed after she was done with my whole face. My therapist joked that my pores were very dirty, haha. After that, she used a sonic cleanser on my face and showed me the metal head of the sonic cleanser after that - trust me, you don't want to see it!

So with most of the gunk out of my face, we started on the extraction of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and clogged pores. That's the most painful part, eek. I'm pretty used to it already, but I can't help shedding tears during the process! My therapist told me that I had very small pores (yay!) but that it made the extraction process very painful (boo!). Ah well, compromises. After extraction, she did some eyebrow shaping for me. The wounds from extraction were then sterilised and the recovery process was sped up with a high frequency device.

The next part is the best part of any facial treatment - the mask. A really cooling liquid was applied to my face and gently massaged in, and then a mask was applied. The mask they used on my skin is a custom blend made specially for my skin that includes:

  • Vitamin C (promotes collagen production and whitening)
  • Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, super whitening)
  • Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial)

My therapist then did a really good neck and shoulder massage for me while I was relaxing with the mask on. She left the room quietly after it was done and I relaxed for a while until it was time for the mask to be removed.

The mask must have been really potent as it left my skin looking very radiant, with minimal redness. I'm usually very self-conscious after a facial as my skin would be very red and bumpy, but my therapist applied some BB sunscreen that both protected my skin from the sun and concealed some of the redness.

Here are the results...

The lighting must have played a part because I look so radiant in this picture! Here's another picture from another angle:

Minimal redness on the whole, and my skin's looking pretty good already. Here's a close up:

I was very happy with everything about the treatment, from the ambience of the room (silk sheets, mind!), to the professionalism of my therapist and the products used and most importantly, the effects of the treatment. Here's a picture of my therapist and I, unfortunately with some horrible lighting:

She was really friendly and professional throughout the whole session. Thank you for making my experience so great!

With the slight coverage of the BB sunscreen applied, I managed to go out for lunch after that and hardly felt self-conscious! The redness faded after a few days and my skin peeled a little (Evon mentioned that it would be due to the microdermabrasion) to reveal better, smoother and more radiant skin. Almost week after the facial, my skin was looking really great!

I mentioned that this blog review was non-obligatory, meaning that I didn't have to write a review of my facial treatment. But I honestly felt that it was a good experience - the professionalism and good ambience at Glomax Aesthetics prompted me to recommend it to you. The treatment I went for was the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment that lasted for 90mins and usually costs $168. They also have other treatments that pretty much cover all skin types and conditions:

  • Intensive Acne Medic Treatment 60mins $150
  • Perfecting Remodelling Treatment 60mins $350
  • Super ACE Anti-oxidant Treatment 90mins $180
  • Opulence Oxygen Treatment 45mins $240

The kind people at Glomax Aesthetics are also providing a really good deal for my readers. You can enjoy the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment that I experienced for only S$88 (U.P: S$168) if you quote "Blogger Cherchez". That's almost 50% off the original price - a pretty good deal if you want to try out this facial treatment.

If you do try it, let me know how you find it - I'm quite sure you won't be disappointed. Do note that it's only for first-time customers and available by appointment. Remember to quote "Blogger Cherchez" to enjoy almost 50% off!

GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry
12 Eu Tong Sen Street. The Central, Soho 2. #06-168 Singapore 059819
T: (65) 6225-5193

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored event. My opinions are completely honest and solely my own. No compensation was received for this review.

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