Saturday, 10 December 2011

A few confessions about blogging

Hi all you regular readers and random passers-by! This post is more of a wordy, reflective post on the past 10 months of my blogging experience. You don't have to read it as it's partly for me to reflect through the process of writing. I have some good news that I will be announcing soon though! So if you want an early heads up, go ahead and read it :)

1) Since the inception of this blog, I realise I haven't been very consistent with my updates. This is partly because I had a lot of other activities going on - school, my piano exam (diploma; I think I did well, fingers crossed) - and also because I lacked a consistent motivation to keep posting.

Before the idea of this blog was even realised, many people, including my parents and friends, questioned whether it would work. They thought it lacked a focus, say on nail polish, or make up, and that as a result, it would not garner a dedicated readership. Still, I stubbornly insisted on doing things my way. I told them that even if no one read this blog, I'd still write posts. I'd still chronicle my experiences and put them into words, creating new memories as I continued my exploration into what the concept of "beauty" entailed. That's my manifesto and blog title after all - cherchez beauté, a French phrase I coined, means "looking for beauty" in English.

However, many a time I have doubted myself. I have questioned myself about the reason for the existence of this blog. Originally I thought it would be a kind of hobby to chronicle my forays into blogging about beautiful things that could even earn me, a college student mired in poverty (I kid, I kid), some pocket money on the side. Later on it was more focused on reviewing products. And yet later on I grew lax in posting and it became a convenient place to post giveaways. To be honest, this would have stayed the same had something incredible not happened to me, courtesy of a number of kind people. These people really inspired me to do more with my blog, and I began to realise the potential I had at my fingertips! Great things are about to happen to me and this blog and I am really excited! It's a surprise at the moment, but I'll keep you posted as soon as possible.

2) To you faithful readers who've been reading my posts (Hitoshi I know you subscribed so I'll give you a shoutout here. Thanks for believing in me!), I promise that over the next year I will be updating a lot more. Even while I'm on student exchange from next September to February. Yes, I'm heading to Switzerland for 6 months and I have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline... I'll give you a big hint: It has something to do with nail polish and other beauty products, travelling and food. Don't groan - I'm a total nail polish addict; I'll admit it! When I'm overseas I'll still be blogging here, but stay tuned for something different.

3) I may be planning a giveaway some time next year. Hurray for giveaways! I've participated in a few so far (check out Giveaways) and it's really been fun even if I didn't win. I'm still crossing my fingers for those that have not ended, but honestly, the real fun is in participating, finding new and cool beauty blogs and just appreciating the generosity of these awesome people.

I guess that's all I have to get off my chest. I'll keep everyone updated soon, so just check back soon!

P.S. In the near future I hear whisperings of...
- A haul post of The Face Shop nail polishes
- Posts on certain nail polishes including Cult Nails Clairvoyant, Glitter Gal Lizard Belly and a few others I've been wanting for ages which I just managed to get my grubby paws on!
- Christmas nail art - this would be the first time I've tried nail art. I have some fantastic ideas which I hope can be translated onto my nails!

Alright I'm signing off for now. Thanks for reading this post if you did.

... You really read this post. All of it?! You deserve a prize, my friend.

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