Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Malaysia haul Part I

Greetings all from Malaysia! Sorry for the lack of updates - I've been shopping, eating and resting well for 2 days and almost don't want to do anything but that. However, I thought of all of you and decided to share the spoils. Let's check the damage done thus far... after the jump!


I had an insanely huge haul here. The cashier even asked if I wanted to get a Watsons card because of the large amount of points I would get! I had to explain to him that I had a card in Singapore and wasn't local. All prices below in RM with SGD for comparison (if I bought the items in Singapore previously)

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Clay Cleanser (29 RM. 15 SGD. Cheaper in M'sia! Bought it 'cos I forgot to bring mine and it is really good at keeping my skin pimple-free)

Color and Go nail polish - 43 Where's the party?, 38 Choose Me! (6.90 ea)
French glam French Manicure nail polish - 01 White Glam, 02 Rose glam (8.90 ea)
Essence Stay With Me Longlasting lip gloss - 03 Candy Bar, 04 Trendsetter (9.90 ea)
Kajal Pencil - 01 Black (4.90 ea)
Long Lasting Eye Pencil - 12 I Have A Green (7.90)
Holographic eyeshadow - 43 Mystic Lemon (7.90)
Eyeshadow: 11 Wild At Heart (7.90)

60 seconds nail polish: 810 Blue My Mind, 540 Chocolate Fountain (10.71 ea)
Glam Eyes HD eye shadow palette 004 Green Park (30.90)

Nail polish - Midnight Affair (18 RM. About 11.90 SGD if I'm not wrong. Cheaper in M'sia!)

UltraSheer Dry-Touch Sunblock 50+ (for body) (31.92)
Ultra Sheer complete UV waterlight lotion anti-dullness (for face) (39.92)

QVS Tempo Tweezer (14.37. I forgot to bring mine!)

2. Sinma (it's this shop selling accessories, make up and nail polish)

I found some random brand of nail polish with Korean words on the bottle. No idea what it is. It's labelled "COLOR Cosmetic" so that's gonna be the brand name from now until I find out the real name.

COLOR Cosmetic nail polishes (2 for 5 RM; in other words, freaking cheap!)
9 - Rose gold medium hex glitter and small holographic glitter particles suspended in translucent blue base
10 - Iridescent light blue that flashes purple and has silver microglitter
18 - Red, blue and gold small hex glitter with small gold glitter particles suspended in clear base
27 - Lime green shimmer
33 - Green and gold large hex glitter and tiny green hex glitter suspended in transparent green base
35 - Large red hex glitter, medium holographic hex glitter and tiny holographic hex glitter in transparent red base

The best of the lot is undoubtedly 18. It looks perfect for the festive season over the new Revlon Midnight Affair that I bought and the formula is not that thick compared to 33 and 36. 9 is a very fairy-light colour, similar to 10, but 10 is a shimmery duochrome with microglitter instead. 27 is a very wearable lime green that borders on neon. 33 and 36 are pretty, but the formula is thick and goopy. Also, the glitter is not that dense and must be patted on for it to remain in place. The COLOR Cosmetic polishes are probably not 3-free - they smell quite awful. Oh well as long as I don't use them too often I suppose it's not that bad. But 18 is oh-so-pretty! I forgive 18.

Take a look at some random swatches + nail art I did. Pardon the grainy photo. I used my iPhone - brought the camera but not the camera cable. Silly me.

From left: COLOR Cosmetic 27
COLOR Cosmetic 33, 36 and Color Combos CTW 507
Rimmel Chocolate Fountain with Color Combos CTW 507 on top
Revlon Midnight Affair with COLOR Cosmetic 18 on top

FYI, Color Combos CTW 7 is a really awesome bar and round glitter top coat that looks so pretty over anything and everything. The glitters are sort of holographic and reflect many different colours are different angles; from blue green to gold. I used it in my previous teaser post for the first nail, along with Sasatinnie Super Dolly Fantasy Colour FCW024, which is another awesome polish - it's a orange/red/pink multichromatic glitter polish. Will talk more about these polishes soon!

I spent just over 300 RM for all of the above. That's about 122 SGD for 13 35 bottles of nail polish and some make up and skin care products. So. Worth. It. I'm going shop more today at Times Square/Sungei Wang. Hope it will be as fruitful as yesterday's shopping trip.

EDIT: No it's not 35 bottles of nail polish I bought that day. It's 13! But today (20 December) I bought another 27 more for myself (not including the ones for my US swap friend). Don't squeal at me! I happen to have much more liquidity here than in Singapore.

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