Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Because there's beauty in humour too

Disclaimer: This is a funny post to perk up your day, ladies and gentlemen. No offense intended to anyone, so if you're offended by a funny parody video... Lighten up, live a little! :)

Ladies, have the guys in your life complained about how you always talk, talk, talk, talk and end up repeating the same things?

Men, do you find yourself tuning out after the first few words of a few very familiar sounding diatribes that your girlfriends/wives/female friends tend to spout?

Shit Girls Say (pardon the language) is a new twitter account (just set up on 12 December and already has 90 000+ followers!) that rehashes the familiar questions, comments, criticisms that females often say with a dash of humour and a sprinkling of parody.

There's even a related video that is the funniest thing I've watched in a while:

I hope you laughed very heartily because I sure did! As a female, I must admit I'm guilty of saying many of those things, and many of them don't even make sense. Heh I never realised how ridiculously funny I must sound at times. Though of course I don't think I've said 50% of the stuff the "girl" in the video said... Right guys? Uh, guys?

Right. So all the guys ran off before I could give them a piece of my mind. Anyway, I got wind of this (and the video below) from Thought Catalog (affectionately known as TC), which is a pretty awesome site with lots of articles on all sorts of topics. I usually read the Life and Love tagged posts from TC when I'm looking for short articles to fill the empty tracts of time in between going out, sleeping and waking during the holidays. TC was also my go-to for some quick entertainment when I was in the midst of my exams earlier in November. Go check it out for your daily dose of entertainment - TC updates very regularly and there's already a repository of articles which you can start exploring. You can follow TC on twitter for new article updates as and when they come along.

Enjoy your day, friends. Victor Borge was right on the money when he said "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people". Though you may be reading this from across the globe, I hope that the video made your day just a little funnier and better and brought you just a little closer to me :)

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