Thursday, 24 May 2012

Shopping at Daiso: Haul post of bargain buys and pretty prints

I've shopped at Daiso, the budget chain store originating from Japan, much too often to count. This post is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much I've spent on things from Daiso. From stationery to skin care products to nail polish and gardening equipment - Daiso has it all.

I started shopping for stationery at Daiso because of the wonderful variety of paper products and letter writing sets they carried for a mere 2 SGD each. In fact, everything sold there is only 2 SGD. Affordable? Yes. Of good quality? That depends. Up till now I still haven't gotten around to buying any Daiso skincare products. 2 SGD for something that goes on my face? Nuh-uh, I'm no skincare snob, but I have my reservations. The nail polish is not too bad, but some of them look very icky in the bottle, so I buy Daiso nail polish very sparingly.

Anyway, today I'll like to share with you some of the products I bought from Daiso recently. For 2 SGD apiece, these lovely little things are sure to brighten anyone's day!

First up, a very useful set of 4 storage pockets, with cute polka dot, lace and button details. The top portion is made of hemp string tried to a wooden pole. I'm a little anxious about how the hemp will hold, but replacing it won't be too much of a hassle. This will be useful to hold loose objects like keys, the odd pair of scissors and anything that happens to be lying around.

Next up, a lovely floral and polka dot print circular box. I love the combination of white and lavender, and the sprinkling of red roses on top. I bought it because it really reminded me of the hat boxes that ladies used to store their hats in the past. Of course, this one is much too small for that, but it will hold little trinkets and accessories. Or maybe I just like hoarding pretty objects.

Look! I really couldn't resist this gorgeous strawberry-print gift bag with a baby blue background dotted with white polka dots. It will make a lovely gift bag for someone dear to you. I wish I could keep it for myself, but that would be quite silly, wouldn't it?

Love the caption on the tag. "I'm pleased with this. It is so humble, though." What in the world I don't even know what that means. I'm very pleased with the bag, though.

My abiding love for stationery and my tingly senses that spot good ones went crazy when I saw this pack of 10 envelopes. They're rather big (23 X 16 cm) - bigger than B5 and smaller than A4. And best of all, they have the most awesome vintage prints on them, with beautifully printed cursive lettering in French. I can read French, so I felt that it was a nice touch, broken French aside. And the seals (see bottom left of the envelopes) are very nicely done too. 2 SGD, people. How could I not get it!?

In English: "I give you all of love which is since 
forever in my heart and in our lives".

Above, in English: "That our life is beautiful
like a flower. With my thanks."

And finally, some beautiful and simple wrapping paper. Three rolls of it for 2 SGD! It's brown, has apple, strawberry, pear, cherry and flower prints on it, in varying shades of red. So adorable! I'm sure a gift wrapped in such lovely wrapping paper will put a smile on anyone's face.

I bought these 5 items from Daiso for a mere 10 SGD! I'm sure everyone knows where to find Daiso - it's in most large shopping malls. If you don't already, you should definitely pop by more often - who knows, you may score some budget beauties like these!

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