Saturday, 26 May 2012

11 Questions

Here's a shoutout to the lovely Valerie of VriePolish who tagged me in 11 Questions. I didn't even know that I'd been tagged until I chanced upon her blog one day while scrolling through my visitor list. Nevertheless, thank you!


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the blogger has left for you, and add 11 questions for the bloggers you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them to your blog.
4. No tag backs.

Find out 11 things about me after the jump!

11 things about me

1. I love music and I love singing. I'm planning to do a cover of Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds. Betcha didn't know I could sing! Here's the original for reference. Love the styling!

2. I think that dessert is the best part of the meal. It's always been the case for me. One of the best desserts I've ever tasted is the berry sorbet I had when I was eating at Le Perolles, a 1 Michelin star restaurant in Fribourg, Switzerland. Read more about my Swiss adventures here!

3. I've wanted to own a pet cat for 12 years. To be specific, a white turkish angora cat, like so:


It's like the angel of cats. Angel kitty! Oh please let me move out soon and have enough money to buy this lovely animal.

4. I buy nail polish more frequently than I paint my nails, haha.

5. I get very annoyed at people who're unable to use English correctly. One or two grammatical/spelling errors is fine, but put a whole bunch of them together and you get... an angry grammar nazi. That's me.

6. I wanted to become an artist/vet when I was 6. Then I realised I was quite grossed out by the sight of blood. No more vet for me. As for that dream of being an artist, it's still in the works.

7. I love makeup but hate that I have hooded single lids. That makes wearing eyeshadow and mascara extremely difficult. One of these days I will do up a make up tutorial for people like myself who've had to watch countless make up tutorials on double eyelids/single lids that aren't hooded.

8. My future house floor plans are all drawn out... in my head. I'd like to have a different theme for each room, and an adjoining art studio. Big plans, big plans.

9. I love writing prose for people to read, and poetry for myself as a form of catharsis.

10. I have a diploma in piano performance! Betcha didn't know that either.

11. I don't want to become a teacher. That's the most common question that people ask me upon first learning that I'm an English Literature major. Being a teacher is not the only function us Lit majors have!

My answers to Valerie's questions

1. Low priced polish most worth buying?
There's this UK brand called "Three Beauties" and it has one of the cheapest and best nail polish formulas ever. Some of the colours are beautiful too. Speaking of which... I have to do a swatch post of those!

2. Favorite nail polish brand?
Too many to count and it changes often, but right now it's probably Manglaze, for the awesome concept, bottle art and colours. Manglaze post and a special reader discount soon, I promise!

3. Latest polish bought from and brand?
Manglaze Mayonnaise, bought from Shoppe Eclecticco.

4. What camera do you use for your blog pictures?
Canon IXUS 120IS. I'm getting a new camera soon though!

5. Where do you usually buy polish from?
Usually online, from Mei Mei Signatures (local e-tailer). I do buy from flea markets when they appear at school sporadically. Have been buying lots of nail polish from D.Y.O.N. International at school!

6. Favorite polish brand?
Oh that's the same question as 2, so my answer's the same too - it changes.

7. How much is your budget for nail polishes?
I think the most I'd pay for a bottle is about 25 SGD. Any more than that and it's like carving my flesh out.

8. Do you hang out with local nail polish addicts?
No, not really. Unless my friends who're polish addicts count? Any nail polish addicts wanna hang out with me?

9. Chocolate or Strawberry (for ice cream)?
Hm. Strawberry! If it's done well.

10. Where do you usually hang out at?
I... I don't know. At home in front of the keyboard, probably. Otherwise, at my SO's place or with my friends at a bar/restaurant.

11. How do you actually start your collection and when did you start?
It started many years ago with my first few bottles of 2 SGD Rainbow nail polish. Then I went crazy over make up instead. It was only last year when I discovered the China Glaze OMG! collection because of a friend's Facebook post that I regained that slightly maniacal interest in nail polish.

My questions for you

1. What's your favourite tourist destination to date?
2. Do you like eating durians?
3. Do you have more make up, nail polish or skincare products?
4. Coffee or tea?
5. When did you start blogging?
6. What is the one thing you'd save if your house was on fire?
7. What sort of music do you listen to?
8. What is your occupation apart from being a blogger?
9. What's a quotable quote you find meaningful?
10. Who's the person who inspires you the most?
11. If you're a nail polish/make up addict, what's the top one on your wishlist right now?

11 people

1. Shirley from Luxury Haven
2. Mei Mei from Mei Mei Signatures
3. Juli from Bun Bun Make Up Tips
4. Susan from The Subtle Shimmer
5. Jerlene from Musicalhouses
6. Rachael from Island Girl Insights
7. Yadu from The Dramaqueen
9. Cristina from Let Them Have Polish
10. Sam from Fashion Polish
11. Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie

Have a great weekend!

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