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How to snack healthily - Mini Babybel Emmental Cheese Review and Pictures

Remember my previous post on Dentiste' Plus White Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste? Today's food post still revolves around oral care and will be about cheese, which helps you build strong bones and teeth!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cheese? I love trying all kinds of cheese (except goat cheese), and thoroughly enjoyed myself in Switzerland when I paired cheese and wine (absolutely divine), ate cheese fondue countless times, and basically went crazy with the cheaper slabs of cheese sold in the local supermarkets. In Singapore, cheese is way more expensive, and I'm more used to eating the more affordable cream cheese La Vache Qui Rit ("The Laughing Cow" translated from French, and incidentally produced by the Bel group that produces Babybel cheese snacks too) and those Kraft cheese sheets that my mother buys. Those are good for a quick snack, and I never really explored other brands or craved for other types of cheese snacks. Until I met Mini Babybel.

Mini Babybel is a French brand of cheese snack that I'd just recently discovered, thanks to my mother, who bought it back for us to try. There are 4 flavours sold at NTUC Fairprice Finest (at Clementi Mall) at the moment and they are priced at 5.25 SGD per pack.

This is the Mini Babybel Emmental variety, and is basically emmental cheese (35%), water and salt. There are 5 cheese snacks in each net, and each is wrapped up like packaged soap, with a diameter of about 4 cm and a thickness of about 1 cm. Notice that there are only 4 in my pictures - I ate one before realising it was blog post worthy, heh.

Attached is a label with information on the expiry date in the front. Cheese is a good natural source of calcium, and will help build strong bones and teeth. Unless you have lactose intolerance or absolutely hate cheese (blasphemy!), it's a good idea to eat cheese (and some types of vegetables) regularly to get your required intake of calcium.

Nutrition information on the back.

Unveiling the glorious cheese inside...

It comes in a yellow wax capsule with a pull tab! Reminds me of tamagotchi from my childhood days for some weird reason. Must be the shape.

Pull the tab all around and look at the soft cheese inside. Salivate and anticipate!

Enjoy! You won't even get your hands dirty because you're holding the bottom part of the wax capsule, which is covering part of the cheese. I finished it in a matter of seconds and craved more after that. An addiction is born.

The flavour of emmental cheese is described as "strong and fruity" on the Mini Babybel page, but the mildness of the combination used in Mini Babybel Emmental (35% emmental cheese, with the rest being salt and water) ensures that you'll enjoy the flavour even if you don't like strong cheeses. Emmental cheese definitely has a very unique flavour that is quite pleasant. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

And because I am often a bored, fidgety person, I was rolling the wax around in my hands, contorting it into strange shapes. Somehow I ended up making this rodent-like creature. Rat or weird armadillo on its hind legs? I have no idea. It is my first Babybel wax creature and I christen it Sam. More wax creatures coming up when I eat more Babybel cheese snacks. I am so pointless funny. Stay tuned for my next post related to good teeth - if you can't make it, you gotta fake it!

Let's Break It Down
Product Name: Mini Babybel Emmental
Product type: Food (cheese snack)
Amount of product: 20g per cheese snack
Price per product: Sold in pack of 5 cheese snacks for 5.25 SGD
Number of available flavours: 4
Comments: Very yummy, addictive and healthy Emmental cheese snack. Good for calcium intake. For daily consumption.
Where to buy: NTUC Fairprice Finest (not sure which other supermarkets sell this brand - please comment if you've seen it somewhere else!)
To buy or not to buy: And why not? It's affordable and yummy! A healthy snack for cheese lovers who're not cheese/food snobs. Definitely better than snacking on sugary sweets or salty chips.

Product approved 5/5.

To find out more about Mini Babybel and associated products, visit the Bel group's website here. Clicking here will take you to the Mini Babybel page.

Disclaimer: I was not paid, sponsored nor influenced by external sources when reviewing this product. My opinions as expressed in the review are solely my own.

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