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ManGlaze Mayonnaise Swatches, Review, Nail Art and Discount Code!

Recently, I bought ManGlaze Mayonnaise from the awesome Annette who owns Shoppe Eclecticco. I have a special discount for all my readers, courtesy of Annette, so do read on to find out more after the jump!


ManGlaze Mayonnaise comes in a brown cardboard box with a sticker on the front detailing the ingredients used. Fuss-free but aesthetically pleasing packaging gets a thumbs up from me!

The bottle itself is rectangular in shape with a black plastic cap - sturdy and practical. The bottle art, however, is awesomely zany and creative, a playful comic-style romp that really stands out from the packaging of other nail polish brands. The design features a number of winged eyeballs with halos flying around what I presume to be heaven. There is also a buxomy blonde with wings and halo, nails outstretched, showing off her manicured digits. Blue-eyed cupids flit around heaven scooping up eyeballs, which are supposedly "The Holy Crap". I honestly don't think anyone but extremely conservative religious people would be offended by this fun and campy design. It's all in the spirit of good fun!


Application was tricky (maybe it's only for me) and I found out that the best way to paint this matte polish was to set a thick layer down and paint it across the entire nail, trying to not go over the same places with the brush, as recommended by Scrangie. Either that, or use many quick strokes to even/level out the polish while it's still wet. Matte polish dries very quickly, and ManGlaze Mayonnaise is no exception. It takes about 5 minutes for the surface to dry, and a few hours for it to be dry enough not to get little dents/chips in the polish while you're going about your daily activities.


The colour is matte white with a hidden shimmer that makes it look like snow under sunlight. The shimmer is very apparent while this polish is still wet, but is very muted once the polish dries. I like how ManGlaze Mayonnaise doesn't look chalky for a matte white polish. The hidden shimmer gives it a slightly pearlescent glow that softens the whiteness of the polish. You can wear it two ways - with or without top coat. With top coat ManGlaze Mayonnaise looks like porcelain! Read on for the swatches.

Swatches of ManGlaze Mayonnaise

Nail Art

I did some nail art because I wanted to show how the matte white finish was an excellent base for nail art - you can even draw design outlines on the matte surface in pencil (I tried). I had been inspired by Chinese paper cuttings when I went to Chinatown a few months ago, but the idea only resurfaced recently, and I decided to do nail art based on a Chinese paper cutting of a rabbit!

Here are the sketches of my inspiration based on multiple pictures available on the internet. I keep a sketch book where I record my nail art/nail jewellery design inspirations. More on that soon!

I used one coat of Orly Bonder base coat, then three coats of ManGlaze Mayonnaise for all my fingers except the thumb. I then painted on the designs with a thin nail art brush and vermillion coloured acrylic paint. I sealed the designs with one coat of Seche Vite. I think I may have been a little too impatient to use top coat - you can see how the vermillion colour migrated and tinged the areas surrounding the designs with an orange glow.

On my thumb: One coat of ManGlaze Mayonnaise (without top coat) to show how good the coverage was. Two to three coats required to reach full opacity.
On my pointer: Rabbit head
On my middle finger: Random flower pattern
On my ring finger: ManGlaze Mayonnaise with 1 coat of Seche Vite - I was trying to show the hidden shimmer, but my camera couldn't handle the whiteness of the polish and swallowed up the shimmer!
On my pinkie: Chinese character of "double happiness" and a tiny heart on top

In the shade

I even took a picture with a Chinese red packet featuring a few rabbits!

Under direct sunlight

Wear-time and other comments

All in all, ManGlaze Matte is a really good matte white polish that's wearable and good as a base for nail art. I've been wearing this manicure for a few days and none of my nails have chipped yet, even my thumb, which only has one coat of ManGlaze Mayonnaise and nothing else.

By the way, ManGlaze is 3-free and does not have an offensive smell. I avoid buying non 3-free polish as I'm quite concerned about health issues, but with ManGlaze I don't need to worry about that.


A worthy buy for 22.50 SGD with free local postage or 21.50 SGD if you purchase 3 or more bottles from Shoppe Eclecticco! But you can get it for even cheaper with the...


Yes, my dear readers, if you want to purchase ManGlaze nail polishes you can do so at the discounted price of 21.50 SGD per bottle or 20.50 SGD for 3 bottles or more! Just quote


in your purchases with Shoppe Eclecticco. PLUS there's a 10% discount from today until this Sunday 5pm (30 May-2 June) so that's 19.25 SGD for 1 bottle or 18.35 SGD per bottle for 3 bottles or more! What are you waiting for!!

Readers from other parts of Asia, you're not left out! You can also ask for a shipping quote as Shoppe Eclecticco ships within Asia. Do check out ManGlaze's 13 other fantastic colours and Hot Mess glitter top coat on the Shoppe Eclecticco fb page and shop front! You won't regret it.

Let's Break It Down

Product Name: ManGlaze Mayonnaise
Product type: Nail Polish (matte)
Amount of product: 11ml (0.37 oz)
Price per product: Discounted price of 21.50 SGD/bottle or 20.50 SGD/bottle for 3 or more bottles with code MGRACTN plus 10% off from 30 May-2 June: 19.25 SGD/bottle, 18.35 SGD/bottle for 3 or more
Number of available shades: 13
Comments: Fantastic matte white polish with hidden shimmer. Great wear time. Good as nail art base.
Where to buy: Shoppe Eclecticco. Asian readers should contact them for a shipping quote.
To buy or not to buy: Definitely! Not only is white a staple base colour for nail art, this matte white is good enough to wear on its own or with a top coat, and the wear-time is fantastic. Plus, with that discount I gave you, it should be quite affordable! Even if you don't like white, there are 12 other fabulous ManGlaze colours to choose from!

Product approved 5/5.

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