Wednesday, 8 June 2011

DesignByHumans Shirts Review

written by owq

I just received 2 shirts bought during DesignByHumans’s (DBH) sale!

1. Drifting


The printing is mostly spot-on, and the blues have to be seen to be believed! Unfortunately, there’s a printing error near the bottom right of the shirt, but at least it’s not that discernible. As stated on DBH’s site, the print is a soft all-over one, so you can’t really feel the ink while wearing it – certainly a big plus in my opinion. However, they tend to use some adhesive on the inside of the shirt for such over-sized prints, which may take a few washes to be cleaned off.



Yep, this is just a tree with lots of details. I really like the art. Just like Drifting, this is another soft print, so you can’t really feel the ink. Perfect printing this time.

Tips for buying from them

1. Wait for their sales that usually occur every season, when prices go down to 15USD.
2. Use discount codes that you can find at
3. You can earn store credit by sending in photos of you wearing shirts you bought.

About their shirt blanks

Their blanks are usually made of a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend, so you can buy to size since they don’t shrink as much as 100% cotton shirts. However, they’re a bit longer for me than normal. They’re quite comfortable, though I still prefer the feel of 100% cotton.

What I like about DBH

They have bolder designs as compared to Threadless. I absolutely adore their all-over prints which spill over to the sleeves.

What I don’t like

There’s a watermark printed on the outer back of every shirt. I like the fact that it highlights the artist, but I don’t really like wearing advertisements :/


I’d rather they put this on the inside of the shirt and remove the tag, just like Threadless does.
Also, their shirts are quite pricey when there are no sales. Their international shipping is also quite expensive.

What is DBH?

A T-shirt community/competition site where you can submit and vote for designs to be printed. They have a new design every working day.

Here is my referral URL. Use it if you like.

14 June update: They're having a sale right now!

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