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Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool Review and Pictures

Hi everyone, my long-awaited post about the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool is finally here because the omy Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool blog campaign has just kicked off! I've been so eager to share my experiences with you that I've been Instagramming a couple of teaser shots and telling all my friends about it (psst you can follow me on Instagram at cherchezbeaute!)

As you may know, I'm very conscious of skincare as I have oily/combination skin that often breaks out. I'm constantly on the lookout for skincare products that can help my skin condition and that's why I was really excited to try the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool. It's a revolutionary facial device that has 4 modes - ion cleansing, micro-pat, moisturising and cool-aesthetic - that help to thoroughly unclog pores and maintain skin moisture using the power of ionisation. Prior to this I had never heard of ion cleansing before, and as far as I know, there are no such other devices in the market. The Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool is truly an exciting and revolutionary beauty gadget; I'm so glad it's finally in Singapore!

Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool Set

The HadaCRiE Cool set I received comes in a cute pink and white pouch/bag:

It's medium-sized and light enough to be carried during travel. I loved how portable the entire set was, and it seems very travel-friendly. Now let's take a look at what's inside!

It contains the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool device, 2 plastic clip rings, the charger, cotton pads and a small bottle of Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion.

Here's a close up of the HadaCRiE Cool:

On the front, there's the titanium metal head and 3 buttons that allow full control of the device. The titanium metal head is durable, gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The "Mode" button allows you to switch between the 4 modes and the "Level" button allows you to switch between high and low intensity. The back is for the ventilation of the fans in the device. As you can see, it looks like a small shower-head.

How It Works

Ion cleansing works by running a current through the titanium metal head of the HadaCrie Cool. The electric potential produced by the current is positively-charged, and will attract negative-ionised dirt (includes sebum, dead skin, make up) that is trapped in the pores of the skin. This process will cleanse the skin more thoroughly than normal facial cleansing. Using the negative ions during ion moisturising allows the moisturising lotion to penetrate more deeply into the skin, allowing moisture to remain in the skin for a longer period of time. Check out the omy blog on Hitachi HadaCRiE to learn more and see some demo videos!

How To Use

Before using the HadaCRiE Cool, remove all make up and cleanse your face thoroughly. (I know I have make up on in my photos, but that's purely for demonstration purposes - don't do that!) When your face is clean, place a cotton pad onto the metal head and then attach it there with a plastic clip ring. After that, simply apply enough toner to the cotton pad, and turn on to start cleansing. I used the Hada Labo lotion, but you can use any hydrating toner. I'd recommend a toner that doesn't evaporate very fast (doesn't contain alcohol) because it doesn't feel as comfortable on the skin when I tried. Also, remember that your fingers should maintain contact with the metal panels on both sides when you're using the device!

During cleansing mode, move the device around your face slowly in an upward and outward direction, taking care to avoid the area around the eyes and ears, as well as irritated skin. You will feel some vibrations as you're holding the device - don't worry, it's completely normal!

After 5 minutes, the cleansing mode will end and there will be a beeping sound. Remove the cotton pad and clip ring, and wipe the metal head with a clean piece of tissue paper. To continue using micro-pat mode, apply toner on your face and power on the device, then move it gently around on your face. Micro-pat mode uses micro-vibration and pulse signals to prime the skin for the next step of moisturisation.

After 5 minutes, you will hear a beeping sound again and you’ll know you’ve arrived at the third step. You’ll need to use a cotton pad and toner for the moisturising step. Turn the device on and move it around your face for 5 minutes, then remove the cotton pad and ring. The last step is the cool-aesthetic mode that’s supposed to tighten your pores. After turning it on to that mode, leave it alone for 1 1/2 minutes (don’t block the vents) to cool, then pat the bare metal head gently onto the skin for 1 1/2 minutes. I love this mode as it really helps to cool down the skin in Singapore’s hot weather, and also closes the pores. Another great thing about the cool-aesthetic mode is that it relaxes me and prepares me for bed when I use it at night.

Now for the most exciting part of my review…

The Results

The picture above shows how much dirt was removed from my face using the HadaCRiE Cool over the span of a week. Just look at all that dirt – it’s so disgusting! I used the HadaCRiE Cool at least once a day (and twice on Day 3) within one week. I also switched between using a normal cotton pads and my Naruko Facial White Illuminating Cotton Pads, and found that the latter was better at absorbing dirt.

There’s a marked improvement between Day 1 and Day 7, showing that my skin is getting cleaner and cleaner after using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool for a week! I also noticed that after Day 4, skincare products were more easily absorbed into my skin.

One interesting thing that happened was that a few small reddish bumps appeared on my forehead after a few days of use. They didn’t develop into pimples, and disappeared after a day, so I suspect that it’s the ion cleansing power at work, drawing out the dirt embedded in my pores.

Final Thoughts

On the whole, I have a great impression of the HadaCRiE Cool after one week of use and am looking forward to seeing more improvements in my skin texture and quality over the next few weeks. The HadaCRiE Cool is a great daily alternative/complement to going for facials at a spa, and I’m definitely loving how convenient it is for home use. It’s also great for facial massage to drain the fluids in the face for tauter, less puffy skin. I must say that this product is truly an all-in-one beauty tool, and it perfectly complements my usual skincare routine, especially when I have the time to do the full routine at night. This post is cross-posted in a slightly more simplified form on the omy blog on Hitachi HadaCRiE, which has more product information and other bloggers' reviews. Do check it out, and thanks to for the wonderful opportunity!

Next week, I will be posting up a video review here with more thoughts and updates on the results of Week 2, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to visit check back for more beauty, skincare and lifestyle tips!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. My opinions are completely honest and 100% my own. No compensation was received for this review.

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