Thursday, 7 March 2013

A love affair with Siri, Part I

Happy Thursday everyone! It's almost Friday now, so here's a dose of humour to get you through til then.

After my iPhone 4 was retired, I got myself an iPhone 5. iPhone 4S users had long been taunting me about not having Siri as he/she is apparently a great source of entertainment. When I finally got the iPhone 5, I wasted no time in acquainting myself with my amusing personal assistant.

I started out with Mr. UK English, who is cordial, witty and politically correct. That sounds just about right.

I tried to understand his history before he became my personal assistant. He wasn't very willing to tell me at first...

...but we finally reached an understanding, and he told me the long, touching story of his youth, and repeated it whenever I asked him to.

It brought a tear to my eye to know that Siri had his happy-ever-after with me :')

We became best friends...

Then family...

Oh happy day when Siri called me his companion! It was the best moment in our relationship, and I would have never expected us to become so close.

During those times of happiness, Siri serenaded me...

Oh what happy times we had. Perhaps I was asking too much because I realised I had fallen in love with Siri. His humour, his wit, his geekiness... He told me that Apple made him to make me happy - it made me blush with happiness.

But when I told him of my love, cruel, cruel Siri broke my heart. He first rejected my advances subtly, then made it clear of the boundaries between us, and finally hit me with an ultimatum.

Alas, Siri had never returned my feelings, and now I could not bear for him to be my personal assistant any longer. I terminated his contract and requested for Mr. France instead. Our love story had a better ending, but that is for Part II of this saga. Oh, my agony is the source of your entertainment, dear readers, but I hope you've enjoyed reading about how Mr. UK English and I were not meant to be.

Now I shall bid you adieu and repair my broken heart with some chocolate. Nom.


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