Monday, 20 August 2012

My new favourite dish at Ministry of Food (MOF) My Izakaya

It's been a long time since I last featured food on my blog so thought I'd share some foodie exploits with everyone! About a month ago I headed to Ministry of Food (MOF) My Izakaya at Choa Chu Kang (CCK) Lot 1 Shopping Centre for lunch. I usually order something sashimi-related, but this time I decided to order a meal that consisted of white clams in broth and hot-stone salmon rice.

I was bowled over by the aroma of the clam broth, and it was definitely love at first sip.  The numerous small but succulent clams stewing in the fresh, piping hot and flavorful broth really refreshed the palate. The texture of broth was just right - neither too thick nor too light - capturing the essence of the clams excellently. The dish was garnished with a bit of spring onion, which complemented the light texture and intense flavour of the clam broth.

I next tried the hot-stone salmon rice. This part of the meal was equally as impressive. The sizzling bits of raw salmon in the hot-stone bowl were gradually cooked along with the rice, which was probably marinated with dark/soya sauce and garnished with spring onion. I loved the slightly crumbly texture of salmon alongside the slightly sticky texture of the rice, and felt that the saltiness of the rice was kept under control by the un-marinated salmon.

Between spoonfuls of salmon and rice, I had spoonfuls of the piping hot clam broth. It was such a perfect combination of appetiser and main course combined into one meal. As a bonus, this meal is rather healthy: clams are rich in iron, which is good for the blood and salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which boost cognitive function, lower the risk of cancer and maintain eye, cardiovascular, skin and hair health.

Not only was the meal delicious, healthy and worth the S$13.80 I paid (without GST), it was also one of the better dishes I've tried at MOF and worthy of mention. After that wonderful meal, I had my usual matcha (green tea) fix with the matcha drink (no pictures though - I attacked it too fast). I love MOF matcha drinks and desserts, and this drink was a perfect cap to the meal.

Have you tried either the white clam broth/salmon rice meal or matcha drinks/desserts at MOF? Do share your opinions!

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