Thursday, 2 August 2012

Featured: 10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Hello everyone, today I have a guest post from the lovely people at Videojug, a video content website dedicated to delivering high-quality "how-to" content from a range of topics for users' needs and enjoyment.

So, what are the 10 Most Common Makeup Mistakes according to Videojug? Read on to find out!

The very best appearance for many women is the “au natural” look with no makeup applied at all. While others feel much more comfortable when wearing makeup, getting a natural appearance that looks as if you are makeup free comes a close runner-up.

What are the biggest makeup mistakes you need to avoid to keep your appearance sleek and sexy at all times?

1. Lippy Contrasts

30 years ago, a light lipstick and a dark lip liner may have been acceptable, however today it is one of the biggest makeup disasters going, in fact lip liners in general are out. Go for lipstick and a lip-gloss; no more.

2. Persisting Lip Liner

If you do persist in continuing with lip liner, keep it actually to your lips. Not above, or further than you need it to, you are not “The Joker.”

3. Eyebrows

Many women with full eyebrows try to boost them further: don’t. If you have thin eyebrows then use a brush and quality brow powder to give you some extra volume, otherwise leave well alone.

4. Eyeliner

We will keep this simple: keep it to the eyelid in the same manner we urged caution with lip liner.

5. Clumpy Mascara

There are several reasons why this occurs, and many ways you can deal with it before it is too late. The two main methods are to use a quality mascara which is less liable to clump, and buy yourself a lash brush so any clumps can be easily dealt with.

6. Over Blushing

Many women use a small brush to cover themselves liberally, giving themselves an unnatural, unattractive look. Use a larger brush in a more considered manner for a natural, “can hardly tell you are wearing any” appearance.

7. Extreme Mascara

We are talking here about colouring, of course. If you use a coloured mascara, then go for understated, dark variants. Blue and red are great choices if worn correctly. If you go too far, however, the angst ridden teenager look is never a good one.

8. Too Much

Amazing how many of these tips are simple, isn’t it? Too much make up actually makes imperfections worse, so avoid generous lashings of foundation at all costs. Instead, use a concealer only where necessary, or mix a touch of moisturiser to foundation to create a more even brush across the skin.

9. Stopping at the Jaw

Seriously, how hard is it to blend foundation, if you use it, into your neckline to avoid the orange face appearance? Harder than it looks, given the number of women who fall foul of this. Ensure you are not one of them.

10. How Far With The Eyes?

To avoid making their eyes look smaller, many women only line half of their eyes. Instead of this method, use a thicker, softer eyeliner for more definition.

These tips are so useful! Thank you Videojug for enlightening us about some common makeup mistakes, and stay tuned for more posts on eye make up and lip balm soon ;)

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