Monday, 16 April 2012

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The queer, the peculiar, the bizarre... for up to 70% off! Me gusta.

Reebonz, the popular local online shopping portal, has just rolled out another of its initiatives. The last I heard, Reebonz City, a Reebonz sub-portal which featured lifestyle, food and entertainment deals, is ceasing operations. A moment of silence for Reebonz City, please. I still remember with great fondness the free pair of tickets to Korean flick The Housemaid (2010), the excellent lunch/tea for two at the Heart Bistro (formerly located at Palais Renaissance) and the make up workshop conducted by Guerlain in 2011, all of which were enabled by Reebonz City. It certainly contributed to my memories of the past 2 years with my loved ones, and I'll be sad to see it go.

In lieu of Reebonz City, Reebonz presents a quirky kwerkee new addition to the Reebonz family. Looking for interesting knick-knacks? Craving some hard-to-find design pieces and everything else arty farty? Kwerkee has them all. If that doesn't sound tempting enough, everything at Kwerkee is featured at up to 70% off retail prices. And with that, I'm in already.

No, literally. I'm able to login to Kwerkee without creating a new account because this convenient feature is a privilege extended to existing Reebonz members! I was quite excited and immediately went in to explore the site. The Kwerkee portal works in the same way as Reebonz, with a list of current campaigns that you can enter to purchase items featured, and a list of future campaigns that you can schedule onto your calendar. Each item is listed with clear pictures, a description, the current and original price, as well as a 100% guarantee of authenticity. The only caveat for a college student like me is the price, which tends to be on the steeper side, as expected of designer items.

Currently, there are four campaigns open: Neivz wooden jewellery, Mimobot designer USB flash drives, artwork from Polish-American illustrator Marta Spendowska and Lady Gaga inspired t-shirts and accessories! If that doesn't sound awesome enough for you, upcoming campaigns starting on this Wednesday (18 April) and Friday (20 April) include N2 luxury costume jewellery, typeface products (this is where I squee), something to do with cute and creepy monsters, and quirky stationery. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new campaigns that Kwerkee has in store for us (pun fully intended). I'll definitely review any products that I purchase and receive them from Kwerkee, so watch this space!

... Well, what are you waiting for? Just sign up already!

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