Friday, 20 April 2012

Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil Review

Remember how I said I was a nail polish obsessed girl? While that is true, I also know the value of taking good care of my nails. The reason why I don't do nail polish swatch/review posts very often is because I like giving my nails a break. Every time I apply nail polish, I leave it on for about a week and after that I remove it and let my nails take a break of at least a week.

On their own, my nails do recover and regain their original healthy pink tone (yellow and brittle nails are the bane of all nail polish addicts/nail bloggers out there!) within 2 weeks. However, there's a way of speeding up the process and helping my nails to maintain their health - and it all comes in a pretty little bottle of flowers. And oil of course, but I thought "bottle of flowers" was too poetic a phrase to be missed. My photos and my full review after the jump!

Floating flowers in mango-scented oil
Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil really puts a smile on my face whenever I use it. It looks so deliciously pretty with its tiny floating flowers that come in a variety of colours. These flowers are real, in case you were wondering!

Gratuitous bottle shot because LOOK AT THE PRETTY
Apart from looking too pretty for words and worthy of every girl's vanity table, Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil also smells like mango heaven. Its mango scent is very light and sweet and fades away after the oil has been absorbed into your cuticles. This is a godsend for people with sensitive noses, like myself, as I can't stand strongly scented beauty products that overpower my olfactory senses.

So, what does Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil do (apart from looking extremely pretty)?

According to the bottle description, Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil "rehydates and revitalizes, promoting healthy nails while increasing flexibility and strength". It is "deeply moisturising... designed with Vitamin E and essential oils".

The ingredients list is as follows: Mineral Oil, Tocopherol, Vitamin E, Essential Oils, Fragrance, Flowers.

The bottle contains 13.3ml/0.45 ounces of cuticle oil; quite enough to last you more than a few months!

I've been using it since November 2011 and it has been excellently moisturising and non-greasy. I think my nails have also become less brittle, as I haven't experienced as nail breaks even with my bad habit of swatching and removing nail polish about 10 times a day on some days. Vitamin E is excellent for the skin around the cuticles, and since nails are an extension of our skin, they too benefit from the moisturising and healing properties of Vitamin E.

How should I use it?

Since Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil comes in a nail polish-like bottle with a brush, just brush an adequate amount onto each nail and massage it into your cuticles gently. I like to massage the oil over the whole nail too, to keep my nails look glossy and healthy.

You can use cuticle oil before a self-administered manicure/pedicure by massaging it into your cuticles and pushing them back with an orange stick/cuticle pusher. Then, wash your hands and you're ready to apply your nail polish of choice!

You should also use cuticle oil after removing nail polish with nail polish remover/pure acetone. Acetone is very drying, so I usually use cuticle oil immediately after removing nail polish and after showering in the week that follows. It's very simple and quick, and as Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil is non-greasy, you shouldn't worry about greasing up your touch screen electronic devices or dirtying your stuff.

I'm convinced! Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

I bought my bottle of Blaze Scented Cuticle Oil for 12.90 SGD from Mei Mei's Signatures, a local e-tailer that sells nail polish, nail art/franken implements, and nail care items too. I'm a long-time customer (with VIP perks - ladies, take note!) and I can attest to the quality of service and range of products carried by Mei Mei. She's also become a friend of mine, and we discuss nail-related things from time to time.

In fact, in the near future I'll be doing a few posts on a few nail polishes I purchased from Mei Mei recently - Pam's Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean and Shift Happens (Clarins 230/Max Factor Fantasy Fire dupe). An upcoming post about Megan Miller Coral Bliss, which I won from a giveaway organised by Mei Mei, is also on the agenda. These posts have been a tad delayed (sorry Mei Mei), but they'll definitely be up soon!

As soon as my nubbins grow out healthily, I'll swatch and review the three polishes I've mentioned. Watch this space and don't miss out on those posts!

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