Monday, 8 July 2013

HK Updates + My Week on Instagram: 24 June - 7 July 2013

Hi guys! It's been AGES since I last updated as I'm in HK now for a school-based summer programme from 29 June - 7 August (which is coincidentally my birthday!). To be honest I've been quite lazy since coming here. The food's good and I love just hanging out with my friends, so there's not much motivation to plop myself in front of the computer to blog. Coupled with the fact that I'm out most of the day either eating, shopping or in classes, you can probably understand why I just feel like sleeping early at night.

I haven't been updating this space with My Week on Instagram and LOI posts for the past two weeks, but I'm getting back in the groove now. This will be a post on the past two weeks on Instagram and I'll do up an special HK edition of LOI for next Monday. You can also look forward to some travel posts with pictures and more reviews of stuff. I've had review pictures in my computer for ages and ages so I'd better get down to churning out 'em reviews soon.

25 June 2013

This tree in my neighbourhood was destroyed by the heavy storms and hail that hit the Western part of Singapore. If you hadn't heard already, it hailed 2 weeks ago. That's very surprising because of one thing: Singapore just doesn't get hail. The hail was probably due to the crazy hazy conditions we were experiencing just a couple of weeks ago. Some people theorised that the hail was due to Indonesia's cloud seeding efforts, as the clouds could have be blown over to Singapore. I think that's not very possible as it's too far away for the hail to be carried to Singapore. My theory is that the increase in airborne particles (due to the haze) caused more moisture to coalesce around these particles, but they were pushed upwards due to a lack of clouds (because of the thunderstorms previously) and were cooled until they became hail. Seems to be confirmed by this source.

26 June 2013

I kinda really like this picture of two jellyfish I took at the S.E.A. Aquarium in RWS. It reminds me deep space somehow, and that white petticoat of a jellyfish seems to be dancing.

27 June 2013

I look really happy because I figured out how to wear this cheap but pretty scarf - paired it with a navy tank top and jeans and that was my outfit of the day!

7 July 2013

I saw this restaurant sign and HAD to get a photo of it. Have any of you played Cooking Mama before? It's a really addictive phone/computer game of domesticity and cooking (don't judge me!). That's mostly why I LOL-ed when I saw that there was a Cooking Mama in HK, heh.

This FOTD and OOTD was for the school-organised 8-course dinner the other day. I had a fun time and the food was wonderful, but being the dumb blogger I am, I forgot to bring my camera so I didn't take any pictures at the actual event. Oh well.
The tiled floor of New Town Plaza (in Shatin, NT) is really nice. Need I say more?

Oh god, I drool. HK roast pork is just splendid, and coupled with the mustard sauce... I don't even- Haha. This was at Maxim's Palace in New Town Plaza. Quite a famous restaurant that's good and value-for-money too.
If most of the previous pictures sucked, do forgive me. I haven't Instagrammed in a long while and am just getting my mojo back. I'm quite pleased with this one though. I had dinner at the Muji Café in the Causeway Bay area (near Times Square), and that was quite a treat because as far as I know, we don't have Muji Cafés in Singapore.

The 3-deli set is quite worth it; for HKD 88 (~S$15), you get a bowl of rice and 3 dishes of your choice as well as a drink. I chose the miso eggplant and tomato, some ball in mushroom sauce, and some spinach chicken patty. I liked how I could choose miso soup as my drink. This meal was really filling even though it didn't look like much! Really hope Muji Cafés start popping up in Singapore soon.

That's all for this post - stay tuned for more pictures of HK and other product reviews soon!

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