Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool Video Demonstration and Review

Hi everyone! I'm into my third week of using the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool as part of a Hitachi Bloggers Campaign, and I really like it so far. I try to use it every night, as there's hardly time to do the full routine  (~20 minutes) in the morning when I'm rushing to school.

I know many of you are wondering if this device is effective, and have been waiting for my reviews - thanks for being patient! I promised a video review of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool in my previous blog post but I was really unable to finish it until now. I filmed this video in the morning while I still had the whole "I just woke up" thing going on, mostly because I wanted to show you how I use it in my daily skincare routine. No point pretending to look hot in the morning by applying make up and contact lenses (haha!) as this is how I really look:


It's my first review video! \o/ Can't believe I managed to do it, because I've always been quite camera-shy, especially without make up on. I was probably a little nervous because I didn't mention some things in the video, like how the HadaCRiE Cool is good for facial massage, and how you can apply other products (e.g. serum, cream) after using it. You can read my previous post for more information about these things. This video review is more about my experiences and a live demo of the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool, including some tips on using it. I hope I wasn't too rambly, haha.

If you've any questions or comments, do leave them over here or on the video - I'll try my best to answer them. Do like my video if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to CherchezBeaute on Youtube for more upcoming videos! Thank you for your support :)

Do note that the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool retails for S$499 at Gain City Marina Square, Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate. If you're interested, you can pop down to those places to take a look for yourself!

P.S. Stay tuned for a chance to win a Hitachi FaceCRiE and an Electric Eyelash Curler by voting for me in the Hitachi Bloggers Campaign if you like my posts! Voting starts in 2 weeks, and is from 22 April-5 May 2013. More details closer to the date :)

Disclaimer: I received this product for review. My opinions are completely honest and 100% my own. No compensation was received for this review.

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