Sunday, 25 March 2012

Malaysia Haul Part II

Wow this is really backdated. I found it in my drafts and figured I should just post it anyway.


So, Part I's done and now for the mega haul in Part II of my Malaysian shopathon. (Shopathon. I like that word.)

I went to Berjaya Times Square in December 2011 and had a whopping haul of Bloop de Paris, Elianto, Etude House, Sasatinnie and Sally Hansen nail polishes.

Bloop de Paris is an interesting brand I've heard of, but never got the chance to try. By some coincidence, I saw this counter of Bloop de Paris nail polishes going for 9.90 RM each, with 50% off the 2nd bottle. I got 6 shades:

From left: H525, H174, H138, H140, H202, H201

Here are pictures of 5 of them - enlarge them to see the pretty glitters and shades after the jump!

Not pictured below is H525, a muted gold shimmer with slight pink iridescence. I attempted to take pictures of it but couldn't capture the pink iridescence, and gave up.

H174: It's actually a pink jelly on the nail!





Pretty unique, no? I wish I knew where to find more someplace other than in Malaysia! I found them in Watson's and at a counter in Times Square. Love the unique colours!

Next up, my haul from SaSa. I got many, many, many Sasatinnie polishes and a few others, including the (in)famous flakie polishes, one of which is a dupe for OPI Merry Midnight/Orly Fowl Play. Don't have pics here though! The Sasatinnie Fantasy Colour Minis were going for 2.45 RM each, and I couldn't resist picking up 6 bottles of them (I bought 2 SME 303s - just in case one of them wants a good home... You know, for my upcoming giveaway or something)

From left: SGL 502, SGL 503, SGL 504, SGL 509, SME 303

In addition to the other two Essence Colour and Go nail polishes I got in my previous haul (Where's the Party?, Choose Me!), I got Space Queen. I compared it to the Sasatinnie SGL 502 (the light pink one above) and swatched them over black. They're almost alike, but Space Queen is slightly denser. Essence polishes are so pretty! I'm glad Singapore currently carries Essence products in some Watson's stores, including the ones at Takashimaya, Lot 1, Parkway Parade, Anchorpoint, Lucky Plaza and Sun Plaza. Other Essence products I got include Stay With Me Longlasting lipgloss and two Holographic eyeshadows (still unswatched!) The Essence Stay With Me Longlasting lipgloss is fantastic, really! Great wear time for a few hours (without drinking or eating anything though) and the colours are very wearable.

Stay With Me lipgloss:
I Like Cotton Candy, Trendsetter, Candy Bar

Holographic eyeshadows (Top to bottom):
Jazzed Up, Mystic Lemon, Mystic Purple

Next, I also got a few Elianto polishes - managed to snag Racing Green and am gleeful as can be. I also got a few Sally Hansens and other random polishes which you probably have never head of. Like really, they have tons of random polishes in accessory shops!

I hope you've enjoyed this post. I know it's really backdated but oh well, life caught up with me. And this is sort of a filler post while I'm working on new posts! Enjoy my last haul pic below :)

This should be my entire nail polish and make up haul from Malaysia!

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