Saturday, 18 October 2014


I was sifting through my computer and found these photos from one year ago. It was part of my first ever portrait-focused "photo shoot" with a DSLR while I was living it up in HK for a month.

Although the weather was insanely hot - worse than Singapore weather - I still had fun shooting this at our school bus stop. The greenery was lush and the cement added a nice contrast. I'm thinking of doing more of this if I can! I think the photos turned out rather well, heh. Also I had fun doing this zine-like spread with the pictures. Hee.

Here's presenting the Summerlong shoot from 2013...

Summerlong cover
Summerlong end

On me: H&M tank top, Ruscoe shorts, box straw bag (bought in HK), pleather Oxfords
On him: H&M t-shirt, ??? pants, NS black sling bag

Clearly a fashionista.

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