Thursday, 31 January 2013

After Switzerland: I'm still alive!

HELLO! *waves* I know I've been absent for the longest time, and it's been painful to see my blog un-updated, but I'll have you know that I've been so busy with school after I came back from my student exchange to Switzerland! Since I came back, I've only been updating Twitter and Instagram, and if you follow me there, you'll see that I just went for Big Night Out 2013 last night! It was such a fantastic experience, I tell ya. Vampire Weekend gave such a rockin' performance and made me dance dance dance 'til I was dead (yes I snuck in a sly Yeah Yeah Yeahs reference). But that being said, YYY were pretty good and Band of Horses was so great too! More on their performances in another post, perhaps.

Anyway, I'm resolving to clear my backlog of reviews/posts soon, and have plans to set up store (yes! I'll be selling things e.g. nail polish soon). I'm slowly getting things done in addition to dealing with school work (a few novels a week to read) so please bear with me for this period of time.

It's not all bad though - I have a post for you tonight!

^ That's my "ARE YOU SERIOUS??" face for those who have no idea of what I'm holding. I shall enlighten you... tonight ;)

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