Saturday, 13 October 2012

Exchange in Switzerland Part 3


As I promised in Part II, here are pictures of CERN. CERN is the world famous nuclear research facility that houses the fastest particle accelerator, called the Large Hadron Collider. I was so chuffed when my PhD student ex-flatmate (he moved out, yeah) invited me to a tour by his church member, a nuclear scientist, who worked in CERN. It was actually part of a church activity, and the nuclear scientist gave a lecture (in Chinese) about the relation between particle physics and God. That was quite interesting.

After our little tour through an exhibition and the lecture that was given by the scientist, we headed to the dome at CERN, which held another exhibition.

We then left CERN and shopped at H&M at the Geneva train station. That... was all we did for the day at Geneva. We were also entertained by an adorable pair of buskers - one was playing a few instruments and singing (very well, I must add) and one was dressed as a clownish Charlie Chaplin-like figure while giving away handmade balloon sculptures.

I leave you with the Sphinx of Geneva. She stares into your soul...

Voices of the Mountains

That was Geneva, folks. Now back to Lausanne! There was yet another event that occurred a few days after CERN which I had the privilege of attending for free. Called Voices of the Mountains, it was a Polish classical music concert held in honour of the Polish president's visit. I was really excited at being able to see the Polish president! Sadly, we were very far away from him so I don't think I actually saw him. VIP aside, the concert was fantastic. I'd expected a high standard, but the music really blew me away.

I leave you with a short and professionally done video of the different songs I heard that night. Have a listen to get a tiny fraction of the awesome that was that concert:

Coming up-- Part IV, with my (wannabe) domestic goddess exploits, some funny pictures and pictures of yours truly and her FOTDs and OOTDs!

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