Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Gush Chase 2012: Subscribe to cherchezbeaute now on Gushcloud!

Hi all, apologies for the long absence. I've been very busy with Gush and other personal matters, but I'm working on my posts! Tomorrow you'll see a nail polish one. Hot pink/Barbie fan girls should watch this space as you'll definitely like tomorrow's post. A Scotch Naturals soy-based remover and base and top coat review is also in order soon.

Gush 2012, the Gush Chase and Gushcloud
And now for a mini (or big, actually) update about Gush 2012, the Gush Chase and Gushcloud. Last week I posted a few photos of my Gushcloud profile on FB and have also requested you kind souls to subscribe to me on Gushcloud to help me win the Gush Chase 2012. If any of you were wondering what this new-fangled "Gush 2012" and "Gushcloud" was all about, let me explain in this post.

Basically, I got an email regarding Gush 2012, which celebrates the worldwide launch of Gushcloud, a social media sharing platform where you share either links or upload pictures. It's a great way to share your favourite pictures, videos, articles and anything and everything you want others to know about. There's a competition, the Gush Chase, going on right now to select one social media influencer each from San Francisco, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia. I'm in the running to become Singapore's Gush representative, and if I win, I get to go to San Francisco for a few days at the end of August to cover concerts by bands such as Hellogoodbye, Mayday Parade and The Cab! Sounds exciting, doesn't it? I would also get the chance to interview them, and will be asking YOU, my dear readers, for questions that you're absolutely dying to ask them.

Why subscribe to me?
That's because my Gushcloud profile is constantly updated with pictures, links, memes and videos which would interest you. I gush (that's the term for it) mainly on the categories of Art & Design, Fashion, Humor and Food. There are many more categories in Gushcloud, so go ahead and explore!

And of course, the more subscribers I get, the higher my chances of winning. A number of my dear friends and readers have specially created profiles (it's necessary but very pain-free; just use your twitter account) to subscribe to me. I'm so grateful for all the support!

How to subscribe?
First you have to create a Gushcloud profile. Head down to http://www.gushcloud.com/ to sign up for an account. You can use Twitter or Facebook to sign up as well.

Next, you have to subscribe to my profile. To access my profile directly, you can either click on the Gushcloud icon right at the top of my blog's left sidebar or go to http://www.gushcloud.com/profile/wall/cherchezbeaute and click the "Subscribe" button! Once you're my subscriber, please "heart" (gush about) as many of my posts as possible by logging in, going to my profile page and clicking on my posts. A few smileys will appear at the top right hand corner of the post, and you can react with ":)", ":O" or ":(". Of course I'm sure my posts will only make others smile! The more gushes I get, the higher my chances of winning!

If you want me to represent Singapore in the upcoming Gush concerts, where bands such as Hellogoodbye, Mayday Parade and The Cab are performing, please subscribe to me and gush about my posts on Gushcloud. To show my appreciation to you, if I win, I'll be opening up the floor to all questions you may have for the three bands. I'll select a number of questions from you to ask them and will post the answers and many pictures of the events on my blog.

Do support me in the Gush Chase! And for those who have already done so, a big thank you goes out to you kind folks. 'Til tomorrow, ciao!

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